Vodacom / phone contract

Cape Town, South Africa

I cancelled my contract with Vodacom in 2015 and paid the early cancellation fee. Customer account number: I0918674-1. All of a sudden in May 2016 Vodacom started charging me for my phone again. The charge has gone through for 3 months in a row completely unauthorized - on a bank account that should not have been on file at all since the contract was cancelled. I have spoken to numerous customer service agents on the phone and via email and nothing gets done or responded to. I have sent all relevant documents. I am living overseas now and it has already cost me a fortune to do this follow up. I would like to walk into a Vodacom office and sort this out or throttle someone, but I am in the USA. I would like a full refund plus interest.
I wonder if anyone reads these complaints, or am I talking to myself again!

Jul 15, 2016

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