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Gauteng, South Africa
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I had an 8ta number. I joined a company and they took out a contract for me with Vodacom so I ported my 8ta number over. I resigned about 10 days ago and have been trying to retrieve my number ever since from Vodacom on the 082 1958 number but have still had no success. I am in the job market and require the number urgently. I spoke to several consultants and the to a manager George Tshibo on Saturday last week. I was promised that he would contact me on Monday and that cancellations would also call me on Monday and sort it out. Till now, Thursday 13:25 I have yet to receive any calls or feedback. I specifically asked George on Saturday for his email address to remind him on Monday. I sent him an email on Monday and several thereafter. Still no response till now. I called in this morning and spoke to Zandile who said that my number still reflected as active. She said that George was in a meeting but she would get him to call me as soon as they out. She said she would email him. I specifically asked her to tell him in person because it seemed as though he did not read his emails as I have been emailing him since Monday. Zandile tried to be helpful though and said that I would receive a call from cancellations within 10 minutes. Still no call or response what so ever. I sent George another email shortly explaining that I don't know what more to do. Hello Peter, senior management at Vodacom or what else. It's really not on to treat your customers like so. I was going to take out a new contract with Vodacom as I found a new job but now I will never. So many companies have been trying to contact me on that number but have been unsuccessful because its still not cancelled by Vodacom. It has really inconvenienced me. Thank God that I found a job as the company went the extra mile to email me and try my other contact details. Not all companies would do so. I hope that a senior manager or director would contact me soon to resolve this matter as I requested for George to get one of them to do so. Most importantly I hope that this never happens to another customer. Unemployment rate is already so high and the customer service that Vodacom is giving can actually be costing people jobs and more. I don't think the employees realize the urgency and importance of their service to the customers. It could be a matter of life and death with regards to being contactable telephonically. Well that's my experience...still not resolved...terrible customer service...let's see what happens

Oct 18, 2018

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