Vodacom / pathetic no care service - I pay - pay-pay

I have been a loyal customer to Vodacom for the past 10 years.
I pay my account on time with out default.
A few months back I received a huge bill for data -I queried this-Along while later after me pestering Vodacom they did me a once off favour and passed a credit. They did not pass enough credit leaving me with an out standing amount which I disputed resulting in me line being cut. I was now forced to pay .Till date Vodacom is unable to prove I over used data.
I received my bill for November that showed extra costs-I queried this and was told I hade subscribed to WASP services -This went on for 3 months.
Vodacom cannot prove I subscribed -yet I had to pay the account.
Having said all this I was advised by Vodacom to send a message to unsubscribe which I do every day-The latest is I also call *111# every day to check my data usage and air time to prevent being over charged .This service has been down for 2 days.
I f I do exceed my data or air time Vodacom will again charge me and I am forced to pay.
Please assist

Mar 15, 2017

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