Vodacom / no customer care whatsoever...

Gauteng, South Africa
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I called the 082111 and 0821958 numerous times on friday requesting a proof of purchase going back to March 2016 in order to sort out a warranty claim with Samsung. After speaking to no less than 8 different people not one of them were willing to help me, instead I got transferred from department to department. When I asked for a supervisor I was put on hold for 15 minutes only to be connected back to one of the departments. I posted complaints on Facebook and Twitter and even went to Vodaworld in Midrand. No one was interested in helping exept one lady from the twitter page. I sent her everything she needed by Sunday. It's now Tuesday night and I still don't have it and no one can tell when where or why not!!!
This is disgusting service from such a big company. I actually can't believe that their customer service is so bad. Actually non existent.
With today's technology I can't believe that that document can't be sent me literally in minutes not days...
I have been a loyal client for 16 years maybe time to change...

Jan 10, 2017

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