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I applied for an upgrade on 16th April, which was only supposed to take effect 1st May and the Consultant assured me it would be. Yet it was activated immediately (breach of contract). Vodacom told me they would not reverse it. I have been charged in full for the month to month I was on as well as in full for the new upgrade for April. Nothing has been pro-rated (except my data - surprise surprise). I have been battling for 2 weeks for a reimbursement of R390 and not one single consultant has given me an explanation about why the money has been taken but have the cheek to reply "feedback remains" - thats the type of disgusting feedback I get from Vodacom consultants! Vodacom refuses to reverse the mistake they made and is making ME pay for it! This is not the first time Vodacom has done this to me; I am so sick and tired of being treated like dirt after being with them since 1997, its disgusting! Their Consultants are vague and clearly not interested, or able, in resolving any query, especially one that involves money, yet refuse to allow me to speak to someone in Management that can explain to me as if I were a baby why extra money is being taken out of my account and why they are refusing to pay it back. Sounds like theft to me! I have tried being sweet and patient but I'm getting treated like rubbish in return. I have had ENOUGH!

May 07, 2017
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  • An
      May 15, 2017

    Hi there, I have had a similar complaint related to yours.. I upgraded my contract in February and my new contract was activated immediatley knowing that my existing contract hadn't ended as yet. I was billed incorrectly as well, no valubale feedback was given to me, i just keep getting put through to different departments and was even told to downgrade my contract until my arrears account has been paid in full. I am not at vault and even had the decency to settle with the mistake that VODACOM made but will not lower myself to Vodacoms standards..

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  • Ki
      May 23, 2017

    I have upgraded my contract and am being charged the incorrect amount. The contract is for R199 and R208.49 is being deducted from my account for the past few months. Please assist

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