Vodacomincompetent and poor service

I am very upset and angry because of the situation that currently involves me and Vodacom.

I took my iPhone 6 (64G) in for repairs (cracked screen) at Vodacom Loch Logan on the 13/3/16. My SIM card was removed and Find my iPhone was deactivated as checked by the store assistant. My phone is insured with Vodacom for R245 which I have paid on time each month since I have gotten the insurance. According to the process it was then sent through to Johannesburg for repairs(Vodacom repair centre) according to the log on 14/3/15. I was told to wait a period of more or less 2 weeks before my iPhone would be returned to me. There was no correspondence from Vodacom with regard to the status of my phone.I checked again in store on the 30/3/15, I was told by the store assistant that my phone was on the way back to Bloemfontein but it was not repaired because find my iPhone was active and therefore nothing could be done.

This whole situation is a huge inconvenience and also ridiculous in my opinion. It took the repair centre 17 days to figure this out? At no stage was I contacted and informed about this. According to the log my phone was sent to Mervin Naidoo then Magdalena then Paul Ontongwho then realized that find my iPhone is active!! It was then sent back to Bloemfontein and is currently according to the repair centre in Bloemfontein. And yet I was still not informed on what was happening or what needed to be done and where it was or is.

This information I know because I went in to enquire about it! Is it then too much to ask of the service provider that I have been using for years to inform me of what is happening with my phone? I don't think that it is. Secondly it took 2 weeks and 3 different people to realize that find my iPhone is active. How is that possible? Very incompetent and inefficient.

So now my phone is returned unfixed and then needs to get sent back again to be repaired. I don't have the time to wait for another 2 weeks for my phone to be fixed when I use it on a daily basis for work! Vodacom does not supply a phone to be used in the interim either so this aggravates my situation even further- I am expected to wait even longer but at no inconvenience to Vodacom only to myself!

I was told in store to call the repair centre which I did today 31/3/16 and spoke to Chelees or Cherise ( unclear) who could not answer any of my questions regarding this ridiculous inefficient system that Vodacom uses, instead she apologized for any inconvenience and could not give me any further information. I then asked to speak to the supervisor so I can get a better explanation, she then refused to speak to me because 'there's nothing she can tell me and I should go in store and speak to the manager'. This supervisor is Cynthia Kgasele.

As a paying Vodacom client I expect better service telephonically, in store and in person. I am very angry and frustrated with how my problem has been handled by Vodacom and feel that at the end of my contract I will not want to continue either of my contracts with Vodacom at all, and would advise my family and friends to reconsider their contracts with Vodacom as well after this horrible situation. All this after I have paid timely each month and even pay the Vodacom insurance.

So instead of being able to speak to someone telephonically I was told to send an email and expect a reply soon.

I went in store again and was told that the fault is on the side of the repair centre. I don't care who is involved except that I receive a new phone and an explanation for what happened in the last 2 weeks.

As a client I expected better quality service and an explanation in the least. I will not hesitate to take this matter further and also post on all social sites.

Job number- [protected]

Fatima Moosa

Mar 31, 2016

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