Vodacom / i am complaining about my insurance on my contract that was never submitted. now I have a claim

Mokopane Limpopo, South Africa
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I have a claim on one of my contracts with Vodacom. I upgrated the beginning of February and ask for Insurance for the phone. Now the phone got stolen and I want to claim for it they said to me I do not have Insurance only sim swap Insurance. So I asked them to draw the original documents I signed to see what is the situation. By further investigation they see the Insurance was never been submitted by the consultant. I ask them well how are you going to do the claim because I signed for Insurance and I want support? I suggest they keep the consultant responsible for the problem and claim everything from him. So they discussed it with the shop owner and they suggest I pay for the 6 months Insurance that was never been submitted plus R300 excess and R364.90 (10% of the value of the phone). I feel I will pay for the excess and 10% of the value of the phone but the Insurance for 6 months was not my fault and they should keep the consultant responsible. I phoned vodacom to lock a complaint and they just send me from the one department to the other and at the end they refer me back to the shop and said the Manager of Shop owner must sought it out. It is now Thursday and I reported this last Friday 15 July 2016. Up until now they promise me to get a phone for me and let it be delivered on Wednesday (yesterday) to my daughter, but until now nothing happened and it seem to me they don't feel the same way as I do about this whole situation.

Jul 21, 2016

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