Vodacomhorrendous after sales service

I utilized the telephonic option to upgrade my Vodacom cellphone account I1352897, which I received a notification of completion on 25 March. My new iPhone 7 had out of box failure 13 days later. It was collected by courier 12 April and reflected I am told on the system 18 April. Since then I have made regular and repeated calls to the customer care line and to the upgrades department and even to the helpline that calls when you give a bad rating about the service received in response to that sms enquiry...and yet!! I am going in circles. There must be a list of all of my queries to find out initially what happens (as nobody made contact at any point from the time the courier took the phone) or subsequently to follow up on my questions. I keep getting the same response which is that a request has been logged and some phantom "they" will have to follow through. The what when and how remains a mystery. Since then I have paid the new total on my bill, inclusive of handset, and the more troubling part, my next invoice indicates I will still be paying for it! The wonderful app reflects my new upgrade date to be December 2018, despite my being assured that the upgrade has been reversed. When I stupidly attempted a new upgrade on the number the agent on the other end of the phone responded by telling me I wasn't due, and I had to bring her up to speed!! I am tired and irritated and aggravated at the lack of follow through and follow up from this service supplier. It takes minutes to process an upgrade and yet, apparently, months to reverse it. How can it possibly take so long? And each time I have to tell the story from scratch and answer a million security questions with each transfer to a different person and department, with no positive outcome. I want to know and see and receive proof that my contract has been reset and my billing reversed and the returned handset value removed from my profile. Why is it so difficult to achieve this?

May 04, 2017

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