Vodacom Greenstone - Broadband USB Stick / damage item returned

Gauteng, South Africa

I upgrade my Vodacom to a Mobile Broadband to use on my laptop on the 18/04/2015 at 11h49. I took it home and it just was not working. I phoned the Vodacom shop in Greenstone and was told by Mari the sales lady to bring it in to the Vodacom shop. First on arrival the technician took it and put in into his laptop and was down loading stuff ( or to me it looked like it) I he took about half an hour and said that the device is not picking up the Network. I asked him how it is possible if I just got it brand new. He told me it does happen and they need to send it back to Vodacom and they will decide if they going to repair or replace. I forgot the red booklets at home and had to bring it back to Vodacom to send it of. As this was public holiday I took it back on 21/04/2015. And they send it of to Vodacom. Sunday on the 17th of May I went into the shop to find out why have they not contacted me yet as they said it was going to be two weeks. The technician informed me that they are not repairing or replacing as I broke the sims card pins. SERIOUSLY no explanation only that. Well first I want to cancel this contract with Vodacom with immediate effect as I did return there item within one day and not even 30 days. The service and explanation is both crab as there technician worked with that dam thing and not me. So please assist me in getting this matter resolved with Vodacom

May 19, 2015

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