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Since mid-February my Z1 compact on a vodacom contract which expires in November 2016, shut down for no reason and in most instances fail to restart. I took it to Chatz in Wynberg, where contract was taken out and after they confirmed phone won't restart, software were reloaded, only to experience the same problem a day later. Phone was sent to vodacom repairs, cape town, as it failed to restart again and after replacing the screen and receiving it back, phone had the same problem a day later. Phone was sent in again after shop confirmed it won't restart, but this time no fault could be detected at vodacom repairs and software were reloaded yet again, only to find the same shutdown-wont startup problem a day later. I made enquiries just to be told by vodacom's liaison manager that, phone can only be replaced in the 1st six months, and repairs to be done after that. This makes no sense as no fault were detected by their "engineers", thus forcing me to honor payment of contract till November, but having no use of the contract-handset. A lack luster approach prolongs the matter now, with no prospect of a favourable resolve. My frustration knows no boundaries.

Mar 16, 2016
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  • Mo
      Jun 03, 2016
    Vodacom - Faulty Contract Phone
    South Africa

    On the 7th Jan 2011 I sent a fax and an email to Vodacom complaining about 'repairs' they did to my SonyEricsson Vivaz in Nov 2010. They never bothered to respond or contact me and I didnt pursue it as strangely enough the phone started working the next day on the 8th. It has been working ok until 4 days ago. The old problems and new ones started again: the phone freezes, i cant access my calender, music folder, phonebook, switches itself off, uncontrollably vibrates, sometimes cant access menu at all, if by mistake i forgot to charge the battery and it dies it takes literally days before it goes on even when fully charged, sometimes screen goes white & displays name of phone.

    This is extremely frustrating & i feel cheated as I am a contract customer who pays everymonth for a service that I do not get, I use my phone for business and it has become a liability for me as I was forced to buy another phone that i can use in the interim. I am upset and bewildered at this experience. This phone started giving me problems a few days after receiving it 'new'. I demand that someone from Vodacom contact me and they sort this out as this phone is not even a year old. This has to stop. The phone has been off for about a week now, it refuses to switch on, i tried charging it etc, i am frustrated, angered and out of ideas. I dont understand why I should keep paying for something i am not using or enjoying.

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