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Johannesburg, South Africa
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My phone fell and the screen cracked. I do have the adh insurance cover on the handset, but in order to claim I need to submit certain documentation in order to claim. The cover is only for one year. I phoned vodacom on 7 dec 2016 and requested the info and they confirmed it will be sent to me. After receiving nothing after a week I phoned again and was told it is in progress. Two days later I received an sms that I need to email info to vodacom, which I did. Still nothing. I have phoned four times since and every time they tell me the request has been closed and then I am told it will be escalated. Still nothing and it is more than a month later! I have lost the opportunity to claim the screen on my insurance thanks to vodacom inability to resolve the matter. What is going to be done about this?

Jan 16, 2017

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