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Vodacom / demand letter

1 Pretoria, South Africa
Contact information:
Phone: 083 7428123


On the 06th of November 2014 I bought Sonny XPeria T3 24 months contract with Vodacom.
Since started using the SIM I bought with the phone I had problem with high data charges though I was not always using internet but I ignored it and thought maybe the device just consumes data too much but I became concerned when my bill was continuously increasing and I then decided to remove the SIM card from that phone and use it on my small Samsung GT1050 which does not have internet at all but still I was being charged for data usage.

I then complained about the problem and they told me it was data charges on different devices which I don't even have and no one has ever used that SIM card as I always had it with my phone. I even lost the counter for the number of calls i made but still they could not resolve my issue even though I asked them to completely switch off the internet and they claimed to have done so but data charges could not stop.

To my believe there was technical fault with the SIM number that seems like i was sharing the account somehow which I don't even know how and they declined all those when I said so but it made lot of sense for me when the first time I used the SIM card i received the call from someone which I didn't even understood how that person got the number because i thought it was still knew and I were yet to give it to anyone or use it and I have been receiving random calls people saying that i sent them call backs which I was not actually doing.

I'm not sure when this problem started but it seems like since I started using that SIM card and I only realized it about 2 months using the SIM and that is when I started to enquirer and my first query was on the 10th of January 2015. The reason I could not realize it immediately was because it started very slowly but eventually rising to my concern as if it was like who ever I was sharing this account with came to realize that he/she was blessed with free internet and started to use the internet more often

As a result of those high data charges I could not afford to pay for my bill and they are now threatening to take the legal action which I find it very unfair because this is all due to to their fault and I suggest that since they have the history of all calls and SMSs from/to the number i was using they must start new investigation to prove what I'm claiming about the problem and my effort to resolve the problem so that they can clear off any charges relating to this issue so that I can start paying the account because as things stand right now I can't afford to pay the outstanding amount on this account

Jun 29, 2015

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