Vodacom / data technicians

South Africa

I have a disputed invoice over data charges with Vodacom from May 2016.

It is now August and I have made several phone calls, online request, spoken to every department from customer care, data services, solutions center, collections services and their legal department.

Each department says the issue needs to resolved by a Data Technician, who will call me. But in three months this has not happened. There is no access for the public to this department. Now my line will be cut off because I refuse to pay the disputed amount, but then the Technician cannot call me back.

I have done everything possible from my side, including many hours phoning in, pleading, asking kindly, keeping reference numbers but with no resolve. Each time the reference number gets closed and the process starts from the beginning.

Now my line will be cut off after 15 years with the service provider and there is nothing I can do as I am waiting on service

Vodacom needs to address their system flaw, hire more Data Technicians or new management under that department.

D Greyling

Aug 03, 2016

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