Vodacomdata overcharged by r35000.00

Vodacom has just debited my business account for R40 000.00, our monthly bill is usually under R5000.00 a month.

I have made numerous phone calls to Vodacom call centers to which I have reference numbers for confirming that this bill is in dispute & will not be debited off our account. No one from Vodacom has bothered to return my requests or follow up with the dispute, and then Vodacom still went ahead & debited the full amount off our account this morning.

My Vodacom account is in my business name, we have had this account for 8 years.

This account has my cellphone contract (red advantage) uncapped, my daughters contract (1gig capped with free minutes), another SIM card my son occasionally uses contract (1gig capped), my iPad (capped), my husbands iPad (capped) & recently I bought a Mac laptop with a Vodacom dongle (uncapped).

My husband, does not have signage on this account, his cellphone contract was on a separate Vodacom business account under his own business name. In July 2016 he went to transfer his cellphone number from his business account to my business account.

I gave him a written business letterhead stating precisely that I gave Vodacom permission to transfer his cellphone contract to my business account. Nothing more.

Whilst in Vodacom, my husband decided to change my sons SIM card package from a 1gig capped no minutes to a 200minute 200meg capped contract, so that he could give this SIM card to his manager to use.

He told the Vodacom consultant specifically to keep the contract as it was just add the free minutes & lessen the data and he repeatedly requested to keep it a Capped line. This Vodacom man never capped it!!! My husband did not tell me he had changed the contract thinking all was fine. However he never gave the SIM card to his manager to use as it turned out my son might need the SIM card in future, if he were away from home overnight.

This SIM card & the phone it was in have been sitting switched off in my bedside cupboard most of 2016 & the remainder of 2016 hence forth. Whilst my son was extremely sick in hospital in December I gave him the phone to be able to call me, when I had to shoot home. He sent a few what's app messages & phoned me a few times. At night he was given sleeping pills around 9pm, which I have nurses records of, I also slept beside him, he was fast asleep throughout the night, which we also have nurses records of when they came to change his drip at 12am..

He was given the phone on Sunday afternoon, on Wednesday morning I received a call from Vodacom stating this number had clocked up R35000.00+~ rand in the space of 2.5 days.

I immediately requested they block the line, and I requested a detailed schedule of the data usage instead I get an excel babble of numbers which I can only make out times of use being around midnight.

So basically within 2 nights at midnight while he was sleeping on sleeping pills, with me sleeping next to him, this Vodacom line clocked R35000.00.

There is absolutely no way this could be humanly possible, the phone was my phone at the beginning of the year so all its settings are set to not use data or download or upload or refresh in the background. I had specifically set all of these so as to save data.

1) Vodacom should not have allowed my husband to change the contract without my written consent or presence, therefore this uncapped contract is not legally allowed to have been changed by anyone other than myself.
2) Vodacom was also instructed to keep the line as a capped line and Vodacoms employee is at at fault having not done this & therefore should be held liable for not capping the line.
3) Vodacom is incorrectly & dishonestly over charging on data usage.
4) Vodacom despite the account being in dispute still debited the full amount.

We will not & cannot pay this bill, it will put us out of business & leave our 60 staff jobless!!!

Where do I go from here

Feb 02, 2017

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