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Vodacom is useless I tried to get my 3G switched back on on my contract cell that i have had for more than 10 years and they said that they need to contact the owner first in

After holding on for 23 minutes i was told that it cannot be done so i have asked DINO the useless consultant ### to ask his supervisor to call me back so lets see what happens this is POOR service and i will move my account as soon as i can.

Charles Cato

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  • Sh
      Jul 30, 2009

    my web settings!!! im still waiting!!

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  • Da
      Aug 26, 2009

    Vodacom is totally pathetic! I took out a contract, they didint activate my sim, so i called and called and called to get it activated and still till now it is not activated. Now i get a letter telling me i've been handed over for non payment!!! Why should i pay if can't use it???? And a contract is they give me a service and i give them no service no money...?!?!?

    I have 5 other contracts, expensive contracts. You'd think for being such a good customer, paying a hell of a lot of money to them eash month, they'd try to help, but NO!

    Very upset client

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  • No
      Oct 01, 2009

    Vodacom is really pathetic! I ordered a contract from them and waited for over 3 weeks for it to be delivered. Towards the end of the fourth week I called their call centre and after waiting for close to an hour, I was told that the phone has been delivered to a wrong place. That itself is strange because I personally wrote my address correctly and they sent me an e-mail to confirm my details. After being told that the phone was could not be delivered because of the wrong address, they gave me a number for courier company so I could trace my order. Courier company said vodacom must send an e-mail to them. Vodacom said they have sent an e-mail and I then again called the courier company and I was told the phone would be delivered to me. The following day I called courier company to trace my phone, I was told that vodacom has asked for a phone to be returned to them! I find this so irritating especially after so much money I have spent trying to trace this phone.

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  • Vo
      Dec 01, 2009

    Just received more pathetic service from Vodacom today, all you get is their irritating music or a consultant that eventually picks up then says "hold on" and be preprared to be cut off. I spent another fustrating hour trying to sort out "the mess" someone at Vodacom created in the first place. Also beware, you need "to repeat" your story several times before someone finally gets it. For a giant company like Vodacom, their service and their attitude towwards customers really suck. One consultant didn't even know what's their manager's name or who their CEO was!!!
    Come on Vodacom, it's time to up your game, teach your call centre staff about customer service ethics and after all it's us (foolish ones that have contracts with Vodacom) that actuall pay your salaries. If you are not passionate about customer service, you are in the wrong job. Rather empower and employ people who really care about about other people too.
    Suleman K

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  • Wa
      Jan 15, 2010

    vodacare in Pretoria is very pathetic, staff and manager. I got a bad service today, I waited 3 hours just to speak to the manager, who was also useless without business ethics. I brought in my phone for service, which has software problem but working fine. They told me to wait for 3 days then I will get feedback for collection, yesterday I called them to find out if my was fixed only to be told that I need to pay R600.00+ for liquid damage. I told them since I had this phone its been having problem freezing. They told me I need to come in and speak to the manager Floris Fourie. I went there today to explaind to him what my problem is and he didn't even show interest to my problem all he could say is he is very unfortunate because my phone was water damaged which is not, I told him he is a lair, there was a time a piece of sweet fell in there but it was not water which danaged the phone. He couldn't even explain to me why they are saying its water damaged, instate he told he to take my phone from his shop and see to myself how I'm going to fix it. I believe something need to be done with his attitude and I want my phone fixed as it's now not working at all.

    I believe there will always be a solution to any problem, My surety to vodacom is as long as my phone is not fixed I will not make payments to vodacom. FIX MY PHONE THEN WE WILL TALK SAME LANGUAGE, If not I don't any option but to terminate our Contract.

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  • Do
      Feb 17, 2010

    Vodacom is a little pathetich company, i was billied for two sim cards after i told the operator that i will use my existing number. And they gave me such a run around for nearly 4 months, i had to pay for two lines and nobody was interested in helping me at all. I called the call center about 15 times of so and never got a refernce number, everytime i asked for one i was told that the system is down or just one sily excuse to get off their case, or they would just put me on hold till i gve up.

    It's a shame to see such abig company trearting people like they are idiots.
    I had such a bad service, just can't wait for my contract to expire.

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  • Aj
      Apr 20, 2010

    To the make believe customer care department VODACOM

    I am Mr. A.J Janse Van Rensburg. I am a very unhappy upset customer. There is no such thing as customer care.
    You just want my money. You don't give a ###. You know ### all about customer care.
    I've been trying to set up my data product for 3 months now.
    Going to Vodashop Westgate spending time on the phone with they call centre. I went in my stupidity for
    a data upgrade and got a K3765-Z modem (After clearly stating that I have a Windows 7 system).
    BIG MISTAKE. The modem does not work with Windows 7.
    The Z (In the model name) for those who doesn't know, Indicates ZERO ###ING WINDOWS 7.
    As an electronic engineer I have lost lots of time with VODACOM . I think the company sucks.
    I stay out in Randfontein. What about the promised new tower for 3G reception? The other tower
    was apparently taken out of service because they think the rental for the site is too much.
    I went back to Vodashop today. I sent in the modem for an exchange. Whilst at Vodashop, another customer from
    Randfontein complained about the same thing.That sucks.I've been ripped of. I want a
    working modem on my Windows 7 system A.S.A.P. Does anybody listen to the supposed recorded conversations
    to the call centre? Does any body give a ###? Your website doesn't even work Ha Ha Ha Ha Vodacom.
    Catch a ###ing wake up. I get billed every month for a GIG. I cant use it all
    with a ###ed up modem/network.DO ###ING SOMETHING. You are stealing my money!!!
    A lot of business and publicity is at stake. I'm not going over these issues one more time. Hear me good.

    Job Number: 5642698

    A.J Janse Van Rensburg
    Contact: [protected]

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  • Mo
      Sep 21, 2010

    Naedo tracked debited my account with R865.23. I dont have contract with them. the person who is having a contract is my son. they will deal with my lawyers

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  • Jo
      Oct 01, 2010

    Vodacom's customer care is non existend. I spent 50 minutes waiting for "the next available consultant" without the call being answered !!!
    I think Johnny Clegg must be VERY sorry for allowing them to play his jingle, as this is now one of South Africas most hated tunes...

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  • On
      Dec 01, 2010

    I tried to claim on my VodSure account as my HTC phone is broken and VodaShop and HTC Store tell me its pretty much over the hill, imagine my surprise when i find out i have been paying for insurance on my phone, considering i never once asked for it. Nevermind, the point is they gave me such a runaround when i said i want to claim a new phone...

    What i did find out is apparently my monthly debit did not go off last month, i have not been notified of this at all, i at first thought it was just my cellphone that was broken, turns out Vodacom cut me off, now please explain to me how precisely they expect me to be notified via sms if they have stopped me from receiving them???

    I have been told that i need to pay R1500 to get my contract back online, when i said i could not afford that, hence my puytting a limit on the contract, they told me tough, it will be sent to legal dept otherwise, i apologise Vodacom that i do not earn as much as you would like me to!

    After reading the new Consumer Protection ACt i find i am in the right and not them, now i await a call from someone that has some form of authority and until then i will not pay them a cent.

    i just want good service!

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  • Un
      Jan 23, 2011





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  • Sh
      Jan 27, 2011

    I called into the vodacom call center to request the process to stop a debit from going off my account while still keeping my account up to date. The consultant advised that all I would need to do is go into a vodacom store and pay the account, which I did - in advance. The sales consultant at the vodashop then provided me with a receipt and I was told that no debit would run on my account. A few days later, the vodacom debit still ran on my account, meaning I had now paid vodacom twice in January.
    When I called into the call center once again, I was then advised that they can then credit my account and that I would have a reference number sent to me and a consultant from the creditd department would be calling me within 24 hours. Almost a week later and I still have yet to receive my reference number or my phone call.
    I called into the call center today again and requested to speak to supervisor, to which I was told I would be called back after the meeting...must be a really long meeting.
    Finally, I called into head office. I got through to the first consultant, explained my story and was told to hold the line. I was transfered and had to repeat the story. And again I got transfered, left having to repeat my story again. When the consultant realised that she did not know what to do I got transfered again. They didn't even bother to explain the situation to the consultant so guess what...I have to repeat myself again only to be told I need to fax through bank statements proving the payment went off. Isn't it funny how these people can list you on ITC when you miss a payment, but when they take money they were never meant to take, then they can't track a payment.
    The service I have experienced from Vodacom is absolutely DISGUSTING. These thieves need to have something done to them to have them stop messing with their so-called "valued" customers.

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  • Dp
      Feb 14, 2011

    I called vodacom yesterday to block my sim and phone as it was stolen. I did the whole thing with the first consultant after which seemed like half and hour, he tells me they are offline and he wouldn't be able to do anything i would have to call back after an hour. I called back about 2 hours later. The first thing i asked the consultant is if they are online. He said yes and continued. When he was almost at the end he tells me HIS SYSTEM IS OFFLINE. I was told that he would process my document and vodacom would send me an sms with the reference and relevant information to confirm. IM STILL WAITING. I called them back at 12-15pm today they are still apparently OFFLINE and i should call back in an hours time. Does Vodacom realise how frustating and pathetic their service is. We have to hold on for atleast 10 minutes to get service. And when eventually we do it's so frustating.

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  • In
      Feb 18, 2011

    I bought a phone from the retail group Ackermans from Vodacom on 25 November 2010. Had the phone for four days, did not want to charge. Went back to the store, the tested it and informed me that they cannot reimburse me nor can they give me another phone. Four days? Are they serious. The phone was returned to vodacom, it came back to the store on 15 December, still not working. I phoned a Cape Town number( given by store personnel), they informed me that it was sent to Johannesburg. This process has been done four times now. The feedback - the phone works in Johannesburg, but as soon as it is in store it's not working. Phoned vodacom today 18 February 2011, was informed that I must tell the store personnel they must try to use another battery. If the phone is sent for repairs/ checking, should they not check everything. This is the worst service EVER and nobody wants to take ownership.

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  • Ha
      Apr 04, 2011

    Vodacom clearly reached the point where Customer service reached the point of NON-EXISTENCE!
    Hopefully, we as customers could benifit towards the new consumer law, as something needs to be done regarding the poor service.
    Then again; we are living in a 3rd world and try to utilize first world equipment!!
    I support the above complainants comments.

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  • De
      May 04, 2011

    I have a contract for my daughter and she chose the HTC Snap. About 2 months after getting the phone it hade to go in for repairs. She got it back and it still had the same problem so it went back again. Towards then end of 2010 it was in again and 4weeks ago it got sent in again for the same problem. I have been phoning every week to try and find out what is going on. Dealing with the operations manager does not seem to help either as she never calls back to let you know what is going on. As far as I am concerned we should have been give a replacement phone long ago but am now trying to demand one but that seems to go right over their heads as well. After having an account with them for 13 years this is the first time that I have had a major issue with Vodacom and I am thoroughly disgusted by it. But I must admit they are not the only one's providing bad service - got an issue with lawyersnot registering a contract and this is now 3.5 years down the line so maybe 4 weeks could be considered "good" by today's standards. Where are the days when people had pride in their work!!!

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  • Ho
      May 17, 2011

    Vodacom is pathetic, there have been numerous complaints about the Mountainview area, Uitenhage that has no signal (voice or data), they expect us to support them and joining their network, but how can we if our childern can't even use the internet for schoolwork purposes. You will be losing alot of contacts, because you just don't care and don't want to help.

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  • Ch
      May 25, 2011

    I am totaly fed up. The signal in my area is very bad and my business is taking a knock, i have 8 contracts and spend about 10k a month n calls. Since January i have been calling the 111 no tell my story get a ref no 3 weeks later i get a sms, to say it's sorted out. ### no one has come near my house or called me and the problem is still there, constantly no signal and calls beeing cut off. Well if something is not done soon i am changing to MTN

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  • Br
      Jun 01, 2011

    This is my 8th contract with vodacom and i have a e75 that sits on my desk at work, the backlight stopped working so I took it in to Vodacare Gateway, when I go to pick it up they say it cant be fixed because of water damage, I said what water damage because it sits on an office desk the whole day, " Im sorry sir, we dont know how water got in but it was submerged at some point"(?????????????) the ### woman said. I said " No it wasn't I swear to God, I want it fixed ", she said " yes but it was submerged in water and it cant be repaired under warranty" (translation) " ### you and your phone, I want my lunch break, ### off from here.. ###). I feel like a Zimbabwean farmer who just got his farm snatched.

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  • Ka
      Jun 06, 2011

    Karel van Volenhoven: I want to bring under your attention that in Ellisras in the flat areas were i already bring under your attention that we had problem with vodamail 3G, Thanks you helpe at home in Pretoria but at Ellisras no services from your people, Evbery time someone phone me and tell me that they bussy with the Munspality to gave permision to erecting a mast at the club grounds, I would like tel that area manager in this area you think you bulshut people you must come again i work for TILCA before and no the procedures, There are not a application at the minuspality, so please get your asked out of the offfice and start doing something positive. Please stop sponser sport and take that money to upgrade and install new mast. I wonder what will happen if all people cancel, and i already think of it, Pleasde do something positive and you not working with balukas. i HOPE I WILL GET SOME ANSWERD FROM YOU OTHERS THE WE MUST ASKED THE PAPERS TO HELP US.

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  • Dr
      Jun 14, 2011

    Yes YES YES YES thy are bad and useless.Sitting with a legal contract.On the 28 April 2011 i signed and about 2 weeks later
    they phoned me to tell me that they got laptop but not the nokia but a samsung so i told them i want a nokia.A few weeks later they phoned again to tell me that they cannot do the deal anymore but a new deal they can do it but it will cost me more.I said no i will contact Vodacom.The 3 June 2011 i contact them via e mail.They send me a rev: number and tell me they will contact me within 12 hours.On the 6 June i contact then again and they give me another rev: number and they will contact me in 24 hours.On the 9 June i fhone them and they give me another rev:number saying they will contavt me in 1 working day.It is the 14 June and they never contact me.So i will go to the newspaper and to the Consumer Act.
    They just want our money, BUT THEY ARE HOPELESS

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  • An
      Jun 27, 2011

    Where do i begin ... Vodacom is ###ing Useless!!!
    I have a Talk 240 BlackBerry contract with a 1 year 3 month-warranty! My phone decides to give trouble by freezing and my keypad didn't work. I took my phone in to Cell and Sound Phalaborwa where i took the contract out and Morne the consultant helped me by telling me he is going to have to send my phone in for repair and that it might take 3 weeks.. After 2 weeks i wanted to hear what the status on my phone was and he said the phone was sent back exactly the way it was sent in because there wasn't stated on the job-card what was wrong with my phone. uhm ... how the hell should i know, that is why i'm sending it in! after hours of waiting i finally got a number for the area manager in Pietersburg where my phone was sent in to repair, phoned him and he promised that my phone will be fixed personally by him and that he would phone me on the status and he would take care of it. His name was Mokgodi Malatji ... After again waiting 2 weeks not hearing anything, i phoned and he didn't answer, i phoned his shop and they told me it was sent to Blackberry for repair. After screaming and shouting of anger because no one can tell me the status on my phone, i got a call from Mokgodi telling me my phone was un-repairable and that i will get a new one today .. Vodacom Phalaborwa phoned me and said i could come get my NEW phone ... i got the phone, went home and then the phone didn't work ... It keeps freezing and after i opened the phone and took out the battery, I saw a sticker on the back that said "refurnished"!!! wtf ... apparently my NEW phone was a phone that has been used before and turned back in because of a defect. Once returned to the company or the manufacturer the phone is fixed and sold back out at a discounted rate. So now i have a secondhand NEW phone that is still not working. I'm so pissed, i'm trying to get a hold of Customer Support and they can't tell me what the policy on this is ... I am on the war path and i am going to take this further. Tomorrow Vodacom Phalaborwa is going to receive a customer that is going to sit there till i get a new phone. I'm tired of this ###!! Vodacom sucks!!!

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  • Es
      Jun 30, 2011

    graag wil ek net weet wat is die probleem met vodacom. my geld word wel afgetrek met n debit order en nou is my foon dood en gesispend. WAAR VOOR!!!
    is dit nou n manier om geldtemaak of wat is die probleem kan iemand nie die rekeninge lees nie!!!sit my foon aan. mev e janse van rensburg sel no [protected]

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  • Jo
      Jun 30, 2011

    Ek is nie tevrede nie my cell is my besigheid en ek sit nou al twee dae wat daar 'n sein probleem is maar aan die einde van die maand soek hulle jou maandslikse fooi of jy nou diens kry of nie en ons moet net tevrede wees daarmee hoelank nog gaan ons hulle KAK vat??????????????????????????????????????????

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  • Jh
      Jul 01, 2011

    there service is pathetic .You wait forever at their so called customer care !!They should employ staff that are actually capable of handling their call volumes . Useless bunch

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  • Un
      Jul 06, 2011

    VODACOM just does not car about their customers, aslong as the board members are happy and the make money!!! am paying R300 per month, for a non working phone, and as they said...not their problem, it comes back from the repair center the same each time, they say no trouble found! but i cant even use the bloody phone!!!

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  • Wm
      Aug 04, 2011

    I wait for a refund of R3, 738.66 and with no sucsess.I need the money to reach destination for a holliday, i paid up
    in front.The amount is R18, 300.00, i already lost R6000.00 and i think with the service i get, i will loose the whole
    amount at the end of day.

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  • Vo
      Jan 28, 2012

    I had vodacom debited my account 5 times more than what they were supposed to. When I enquired, they had a don't care attitude. Very disgusted.

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  • An
      Mar 11, 2012

    Vodacom sucks! One year later and still no internet connectivity. I have been paying for no services at all and am taking this further now. They have been wasting my time and their staff has no clue as to how iphone 4 works. They keep telling me that my internet will be connected within 24hours, but nothing happens. I want my money back!!!

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  • Da
      Mar 28, 2012

    Dear fellow Vodacom users! Please check your March'12 bills.They have overcharged me with R2, 344.00. Added extra GB and they can not proove my data usage!

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  • Li
      May 28, 2012

    I have sent an e-mail to vodacom to contact me, because of bad service at one of their stores and the problems my husband is having with his blackberry 9900. They still have not come back to me or even reply to my e-mail. What is going on, we have to pay good money for very bad service? We have no issue in paying the account but when it comes to service you just can't complain because there is none!

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  • Mj
      Jul 24, 2012

    what a joke with your so called customer care especially your employee by the name of Allison Staggie by making my phone a toy to me as i cant use it currently and am out of the country. Could you please called him to order and ask him to stop sending me same sms continously every three seconds i am begging you tu

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  • Ma
      Aug 12, 2012

    I am totally fed up. I took out a Vodacom BB contract 2 weeks ago and still my phone is not connected!! I have called the service provider several times, wasted 2 Saturday mornings waiting in a queue only to be told my documents had been sent through and there is nothing else they can do from their side. I cannot use my phone! Should I load airtime/sms bundles and they connect the contract, I shall loose it. I have told them i shall NOT pay for a service that has not been delivered. I am furious to say the least and this morning I am going to return the BB to them and cancel the contract, I am sure another service provider would gladly like to do business where Vodacom is not able to. Guys, this stinks

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