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Cape Town, South Africa
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I cancelled one of my three contracts (number [protected]) with vodacom on 30 March 2016 because it expired ( I'm in possession of a copy of the cancellation request form ). I received a message on 04/04/2016 confirming that the contract with number [protected] was cancelled. I contacted vodacom immediately as I could not make any calls or search on the website. I was then referred to a vodacom shop as they couldn't help me via the phone. I then visited the Vodacom Data Store in Bayside Mall, Tableview and requested to speak to the manager who told me that he will try to sort it out. Since then I visited the same Data Store on five occasions without any success but the manager showed me emails which he send to customer care but that was also unsuccessful. On 29/04/2016 Vodacom deducted an amount of R6023, 75 which I reversed at the bank. On 08/06/2016 Vodacom again tried to deduct an amount of R6861, 76 but I had insufficient funds. On 30/06/2016 Vodacom again deducted three amounts of R2463, 59 which also reversed at the bank. In the process I lost money for bankcosts and don't have the luxury off using my free minutes of free data. I'm struggling because I'm used to the luxury of always having airtime and data available (being a Vodacom contract customers for more than ten years). I don't know what else to do and need your help very urgently

Jul 10, 2016

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