Vodacomchanged my data account [protected] without notification

I J Adolph opened a data contact [protected] from Vodacom that cost me R448 per month I stipulated that it should be blocked when I reached my monthly limit this was done for the first 3 months and I have no issues with Vodacom.
Then in Nov my payment went off for R1191.26 and I started to query what was the extra charge for.
I then found out that Vodacom migrated to a new system and made my data account and open line without my consent on the same day I was told my bill was R7336.44 I was shocked.

I then received a letter from Vodacom stating that they would credit my account with R3764.00 this is daylight robbery because they want me to pay for a product I never signed a contract for why should I pay
an account that Vodacom made a huge error on if the block on my data account was not removed by Vodacom my bill would have remained at R448 per month due to their negligence I now have a remaining bill of R5460.00
Which I’m only liable to pay R448 x 3 months instalments.

I can’t believe that Vodacom calls me a valued customer and yet they trying to fraud me out of money that I’m not supposed to pay due to the fact that they fiddled with my account. I need this account to be rectified as soon as possible. The one who made my account and open line needs to take ownership of their mistakes and restore my account to the contract I signed for.

I also logged numerous queries one was answered and the other closed as resolved with no resolution at all.

1) [protected] This was the credit given a once-off gesture of goodwill, Vodacom will credit your account with the amount of R3, 764.65 (REALLY)
2) [protected] Closed without a resolution given to me
3) [protected] Closed without a resolution given to me
4) [protected] Opened again on the 09-01-2017 (most probably they will say resolved without giving me a reason for saying its resolved.)

Jan 10, 2017

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