Vodacom / cell phone bill

Johannesburg, South Africa
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Good afternoon.

I require legal assistance with vodacom.

I was on holiday in bali from the 24th of december 2017 till the 3rd of january 2017.

I have been billed r30385.41
My mobile number ([protected]) is registered on my father’s name (Mr thiagaraj govender).

The debit had run off my father’s account. He then phoned vodacom to query.

Vodacom has advised that I needed to put my “mobile data” off if I connected to wifi. Regardless of wifi I would still be charged data roaming rates.

If you look at the “data services” portion – it provides the amount of data used and charges accordingly. Please be mindful that I have 2 gigs of data each month all day and 1 gig of data from midnight till 5am.

Under “roaming data” each time I was on wifi I was still being charged. Vodacom advised that I should of put my “mobile data” off. Surprising enough when I am in south africa and if I connect to wifi and update/download software on my phone I was never charged – I never had to put my “mobile data” off.

Please assist with this matter as I can’t afford to pay so much of money for what I thought I was using as “free”

Feb 2, 2017

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