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Johannesburg, ZA
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I purchased a modem(which will enable me to have 200MB on a monthly basis) from one of Vodacom outlet at Evaton Mall on the 27March'17. When I got home I tried to activate, and the message that came out of my screen was that I've ran out of datas. I immediately called the call center for assistance and I was informed to try it in the next 24hours.

On the 29th March'17, I called the call center again as I still didn't have datas. I was informed that the system indicates that there are datas in my sim card. And I was adviced to go back to the shop where I bought a modem and that I should leave the shop before it was activated.

On the 2April'17, I went back to the shop with my modem and informed one of the staff memebers my challenge and that I had to leave after everything was activated. I went to the shop at 12:07 and the guy that was assisting me tried to activate it and failed as well, informing me that my sim card has to be escalated and that it normally takes an hour for them to respond. I was very frustrated as I had a deadline for my reports. I was told that I would be contacted after 9:00am on Monday the 03rdApril, I then asked to be contacted at 11:30am. I waited for the call as I had to start with my reports, and no one contacted me until I called the shop after 12:00. I spoke to a lady by the name of Precious and said that they were busy with my quiery and that she was going to call me back . I called them back at 17:20 as I didn't get any response from them. When I called a phone was answered by a lady whose name sounded like Regi, I asked her to speak to Precious and she placed me on hold, while I could hear them carrying on their conversation, I was on hold for about 10min. I hanged up and tried again after 15min. I informed her that I was not happy and that I wanted to talk to a Store Manager, she informed me that she was the store mananger and that the problem is not from their side, and that there's nothing they could do for me. I asked for contacts of the person who will be albe to assist me with this, she said unfortunately there is no specific person, and that she will make a follow up again today regarding this matter.

She called today after 10:00am and I couldn't answer as I was in a meeting. I then called her back after 12:00 and she said the solution that they have is that they will refund me and they are not getting help from their side.

My frustration I how on earth am I getting a refund instead of my MB being activated accordingly. This is shocking as it it advertised in bold, and the next thing i'm being told about a refund from VODACOM!!!

If VODACOM can't assist who else should. I'm currently on a Red Advantage Package for Vodacom and this makes me wonder what might go wrong again.

Unsatisfied Client
Bonny Thulare

Apr 04, 2017

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