Vodacomcannot cancel, even within 14 days

J Nov 15, 2017

On the 15th May I telephonically agreed to a vodacom contract with phone. On the 19th May Ram delivered the phone and SIM card. I switched everything on and waited 24hrs for it to accept my phone number, to no avail.

On the 22nd May I went into the Vodashop to see if they can help me, I was told that the contract is linked to the new SIM card. This was not what I asked for telephonically, I told the lady that I wanted to port. So In the store we cancelled the contract by dailing 082 1945. After several calls they collected the phone on the 26th July that is 2 months later. Still up to date I am getting bills from vodacom. They always have another excuse not to cancel the account and make you pay for unprofessional service.

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