Vodacom / cancellation of service and unauthorised debit order deductions

Johannesburg, South Africa
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I submitted a request to close my account as I was leaving S.A. I paid the cancellation fee and faxed through to Vodacom. However, I have been in dispute with them since they continued to deduct money from my bank account after the contract was cancelled. It has always been the same... submit proof and they will get back to me, after doing all that they ask they never do contact me. Then about a month ago I received notice from them that they are going to sue me, I closed my bank account since I am no longer staying in S.A. and that they kept on illegally deducting money from my bank account. I once again submitted proof of everything and I received confirmation that the contract was cancelled and that I would receive a refund. I informed them that I was in the U. K and I either wanted the refund from them to my U. K account or to transfer the money to my nephews account. They responded that they could not do a transfer to the U. K however that they would transfer the money to my nephews account and I submitted his bank details. This was 3 weeks ago. I cannot understand the delay and I have since then sent 2 queries regarding the refund that they committed to pay within 1 week, I have yet to receive a respond. Non communication seems to be the norm at the moment.

Oct 22, 2018

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