Vodacom / call centre service and disregard to consumers as a whole

I called on around the 29 feb / 1st march regarding a premature upgrade on my contract due to issues with my handset and continued dropped calls. I eventaully got somebody to answer the phone on 1959 and then proceeded to explain the situation. I do know that I don't qualify at this stage and this was clearly brought to the call agents attention. I was told that they could do the premature upgrade but they had just gone onto a new system and could not process the request. I was told to call back the following week.

I did so on atleast 35-40 times where I was number 1 in the que. This carries on for three days at which I the call 111 for assistance as there was no joy with the upgrades dept as they did not answer the phone at all.

I the. Had the pleasure of being pissed off even further by people that tell you to hold and the proceed to put u on hold for 10 minutes plus. This happened several times by the following

Vele / mk / sithabile and a few other fantastically useless call centre agents. I call back again a few hours later to only have the joy of being assisted by my good friend mk again who proceeded to do exactly the same as before. I on numerous occasions asked to be out put through to one of the management at the call centre and once again had the pleasure of being put on hold until kingdom come. Eventually by some miraculous intervention by a higher power I was put through to a supervisor (floor manager) which then promised to investigate and call me back. This was on friday and still no reply.

I have been a customer of this company for in the region of 22+ years and have finally decided to close the account and move onto another (hopefully better with no guarantees of better service) cellular company.

I at one stage had 4 or 5 contracts with vodacom and am now down to 2 due to consistent disregard for their customers who at the end of the day are supposed to provide a service and whom promise with statements that the customer comes first. What utter hogwash as nobody there has an incling of what the word means.

Mar 06, 2016

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