Vodacom / breach of contract

South Africa
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On 30dec I got 2 contracts (Nokia n8). At home, the 1 phone was not connecting to wifi (A common problem with the nokia n8). 3112 we went back to vodacom to return the phone. We were told the phone would have to be sent away & we would have to wait 6 days which I felt was unacceptable since we had been waiting since beginning of december for the phone & a day later the thing didnt work. The manager, jose said I was not entitled to cancel the contract although I do have the legal right to cancel within 7 days. He said that if I gave my boyfriend my n8 which did work, then my boyfriends n8 would be sent away (I should have been given a new phone immediately as t&c's say within 7 days) & when it was returned as faulty he would give me a blackberry which I preferred to have. He activated the bb service on my new sim. He checked & signed a form saying there was no damage on the phone. 17jan no word so I called & I was told that they didnt send it away because the phone was scratched. We didnt use the phone as faulty, jose signed a form saying no damage & I had to call them to find out what was going on. Nice customer service. I have also signed a contract which included a phone & 21 days later, I stil dont have one! Jose then said he get me the bb & call me on 19jan. 21jan, 2 sms's later & he has not bothered to respond. I will going legal to cancel both contracts.

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