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I changed my banking details online a week before the debit order went off my account. After doing this a week later Vodacom still debited the wrong account that obviously was closed and therefore they did not get paid. I called them to inform them about this and asked them to resolve the issue. A week later the issue was 'resolved'. Another week down the line I was told to pay immediately so I called informed them what happened again and was told to pay again. I paid and was told everything was OK. Later that day my phone was cut off and I called again, to be told they had no record of any calls I had made or any changes I had done. I had to resubmit all my emails which I did that evening and now I still have not had a reply and my phone is still disconnected. The staff have been rude, unhelpful and completely despondent to my problem.


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  23rd of Nov, 2009
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Mokotsi C.T
P.O.Box 4836
Cell 0721266493
  23rd of Nov, 2009
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Delete the email & do not respond!
  23rd of Nov, 2009
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Pls contact Samuel Leshi @072 253 3167
  24th of Nov, 2009
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  25th of Nov, 2009
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Hi Mr Brown u sed i must contact u to claim my price
  25th of Nov, 2009
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  14th of Dec, 2009
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hi mrs brown you said i must contact you to claim my price my number is 0721230942
  22nd of Jan, 2010
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After applying for a contract with Vodacom and receiveing a faulty cellphone which was returned, after full payment has been made, Vodacom has still not refunded this amount after 6 months and 6 different request 'loggs'. Each time this refund request has been 'logged' and I would need to wait 21 working days for this payment to clear in my account, but obviously I have waited too long, and still no payment. There is never someone spesific to talk to who can give information regarding this issue and they never get back to you one any requests.
What else can I do to fix this?
  9th of Mar, 2010
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This happened to my girlfriend a while back.

we went to the ATM to draw cash only to discover that there was none in her account.
we immediately went into the branch to investigate and it was brought to our attention that her vodacom account had gone off approximately four times for the same bill. An accounts person in the branch agreed to reverse the extra debits, leaving the correct amount with Vodacom.

the amount was then retuirned unpaid and has now affected her approval for a bond on a property.

even though the correct amount had gone through she is still being penalised for their mistake.
  6th of May, 2010
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Second upgrade through Vodacom...Disaster, my handsets spend more time in repairs, than with me. on top of this the vendor lays the blame on me. Absolutely shocking service from the Vodacom store Hillcrest KZN...rude. obnoxious, just trying to cover their tracks, and lay the blame on the client. Begrudgingly offering a pittance of a solution that doesn't nearly equate the trouble I've gone through. Durban complaints isn't very helpful, they're basically just acting as a go between, instead of actually doing something. Since when does the customer have to be ridiculed and justify their own actions?!
  18th of May, 2010
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Good day I am highly frustrated with the type of service I am getting from the vodacom group. Firstly I took out a contract with these guys insured my phone
Happy I was until the piece of c*** broke and would not charge. As it being insured
I returned my phone to the store to be repaired I am told this will take 14 days .They did not even have a loan phone I could use so now I am paying for a contract but no phone to use. More than 14 days later imp still have not been contacted by the store
And still I have no phone. In response I go to the store and guess my phone was not yet there I am told we call you when it gets here. Another goes by still no phone I contact store and the repairs persons and guess what my phone has been repaired and
Dispatched to Johannesburg and in Cape Town by mistake someone sent it to Johannesburg two weeks later I receive my phone pay my access to my insurance happy done highly upset but anyone can mistakes. Now here goes round two a week later the same problem occurs phone not charging again I return it to the store yet again I have to send it back for repairs and no loan for me. Almost now a week later
I contact the store and repairpersons and guess what I am told the phone is beyond repairable.1 what sort of workmanship repair breaks after a week. On calling my insurance I am told I have to pay double access for what all the bad service so I have been kept sitting on the line for nearly 3 months for you guys to tell me I need to pay you guys double for bad workmanship and bad service and bad communications between store and repair centre and insurance not my problem I feel I am being cheated out of money buy you guys and feel someone or something needs to be done
Cause I cant anymore if nothing gets done I suppose I am going to have to make this a liker tabloid storie.
  9th of Jun, 2010
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On the 22 September 2009 I instructed Vodacom to stop an internet contract (ref: email correspondence RONNE Luke PYROMET, 22 September 2009 and Fax: Cancellation of internet contract, 22 September 2009). Vodacom continued to bill me for the contract amount after the contract was stopped. Eventually I had the bank place a stop order on the debit order. On the 1 December 2009 not only did Vodacom send me an invoice for the full contract amount but an additional R85, and this amount has escalated since then. On the 14 January I received a warning letter outlining an amount of R504 outstanding. I replied to this notification ref: RE-Warning outstanding account-260110.doc on the 26 January 2010 informing Vodacom of the erroneous billing, with relevant documentation.Vodacom have yet to reply to any of the written correspondence I sent to them and telephonic communication was obviously not solving the problem. Samantha Petersen from Vodacom apologized and in a subsequent telephonic conversation assured me that the matter was being addressed. I thought the matter was closed and they had corrected the problem on their side. You can imagine my supprise when i recieved a letter from their lawyers with an even higher bill. This is totally unacceptable.
  11th of Jun, 2010
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I feel your pain! They are the most incompetent fools on the planet!
  20th of Aug, 2010
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I went to Vodaworld on Saterday and asked the lasy at Customer Care if I could go for my upgrade, she checked on the system and said yes I could go and pick a phone. I could not find anything there and decided to have a look at the shops in centurion the next day. There I was told that I was not due for my upgrade yet. When I phoned Vodacom I was told the same. Why did they give me wrong information at Vodaworld? I am so tired of Vodacom. Fisrt I lost my phone and they did not want to help me earlier and now they give me wrong info.
  27th of Aug, 2010
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I have been unable to use my 3G data card since Friday 28 August 2009. When I am able to connect its at less than 1KB, rendering the service useless. While the call centre people are all polite, they clearly have no clue what the problem is. Except that there is a problem with connectivity.

Vodacom, you are very effective at using the SMS service to advise me of things when it suits you, but in this case nothing. I believe that as a customer I should be advised what is happening, and given a time frame when it will be resolved. Your constant messages on the 082 number that there is a problem, tell me nothing I don't know already.

I am tempted to find a way out of the 24 month deal with you, and I am sure others probably feel the same way.

At the very least, I will lodge a complaint with the telecomms regulator, for what its worth, and hopefully you get the fines I have read about recently.

You should realise that you have competitors, and that people like me who are usually brand loyal customers will go them if not treated with respect.
  1st of Sep, 2010
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In response 2 reply from Vodacom 's Rashieda Jattiem, thanks for responding 2 my previous complaint. I have since cancelled my contract with vodacom due 2 the bad service experienced at Vodashop Cresta. When I cancelled the contract I asked for proof of cancellation, I was given a report on the transaction on which I could see that my request to activate 2 the correct number I made on Monday 31 Aug was only requested by them on the thursday around 12h, almost 3 days later. They made a mistake in the first place & then waited almost 3 days 2 put in the request 2 correct it & that was after I have informed them already telephonically & via email that I was going 2 cancel the contract. My number has been deactivated by vodacom since & will now take even longer 2 reconnect to cell c. Worst of all is even though it was their mistake, except for the apologetic salesperson, no one at the store said they were sorry, no one responded to my mail and no one contacted me 2 inform me of any reason why it was taking longer. I also find it unacceptable of management to laugh at customers behind their backs for getting upset when they failed to deliver a service, its rude & unprofessional!!!
  1st of Sep, 2010
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Your 3G service is a disgrace. This complaint, like the countless i have left with call centers will no doubt fall on deaf ears. Vodacom has grown to the size where it no longer needs to listen to complaints of its so called valued clients! I can get online maybe 35% of the time. I only work on Prepaid data bundles to avoid signing yet another contract with you. When the bundles run out, i get no notice or warning, and my airtime is happily eaten away at your OUTRAGEOUS and INFLATED out of bundle rates. To see R900.00 go down into the mysterious pool of unexplained billing in one week is just a reminder that when a company reaches the size of Vodacom, it no longer is accountable to the complaints if its so called valued customers. I have been using this service for three years. After this last week of loosing countless working hours to down time, i have but the bullet and decided that even TELKOM, is a better option than this rip off service that does not deliver and charges me a fortune to wait around and pray that South Africa's leading telecommunications company might actually deliver a service worth 1% of what it charges for. Its an Absolute DISGRACE! Shame on you.
  1st of Sep, 2010
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I entered into a data bundle contract for 1Gig.I exceeded it and heavily paid but sussequently increased to 5Gigs. Since OctNov 2008 I did not use all the 5Gigsbut not more than 2Gigs up to May 2009 so have lost almost 21Gigs. In June 2009 (paid in July) I used in excess of 5Gigs and heavily charged almost R11685 in July 2009 (paid in Aug) I was also heavily charged almost R6000. Noting the 21Gigs I have lost I regard this as a blatent Ripoff. I just want a refund, and I hope that the management of Vodacom will consider this communication important.
  6th of Sep, 2010
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I went to Vodashop Cape Gate to enquire about a data package that included a laptop. I told the consultant that I am an exsisting contract holder of Vodacom and would like to add this data package, so I had to apply for it. He then told me in a couple of hours it will be approved or denied. 3 hours later I called and asked them if it was approved. Liesl answered the phone and told me that it will take at least 24hrs. The next morning I called and Stefan told me that they have a backlog and it will take a week.

I was in the area and went to the shop and within minutes they then told me that it is approved. I pointed out the laptop that I want, but as my luck goes it is out of stock. I asked them when they will get the stock in and he told me latest on Thursday (next day) I then called in the morning and Stefan answered and said that it normally takes a week for the stock to arrive. I then called 5 hours later and Liesl answered the Phone telling me the stock did not arrive yet and that she has no idea when it will arrive.
  7th of Sep, 2010
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I can't log onto any sites using Vodacom 3G. The service is so slow and pathetic!!!

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