Vodacomblacklisted for fraudulent account

On the 05th July 2016 I lodged a complaint to Transunion via my e-mail address, [protected] for account enquiries which were opened fraudulently opened between the 25th March 2016 and 10th May 2016. They are as follows (as appearing in my credit record then); (i) Mtn Sa pty; (ii) Foschini retail g foschinidata; (iii) Homechoice; (iv) Vodacom; (v) Mr Price and (vi) truworth. After Transunion completed its investigation the abovementioned accounts were cleared from my credit record by Transunion. I was called by Vodacom several time and I defended myself telling them I do not have an account with them, one time I was told that the matter is in the fraud department but nothing came to me about the findings of the fraud department. I remember a guy by the name of Vincent Maseko calling me from Vodacom requesting my ID & proof of address as well as my signature. I did sent my ID &proof of address to the e-mail he gave me which is tradepatner.[protected] no response came after that. I did explain to the guy that I cannot send my signature I am afraid of doing so. Now Vodacom has blacklisted me for this fraudulent account, although it was resolved from your side. What should I do?

May 08, 2017

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