Vodacomblackberry priv in repairs - on contract

D Nov 26, 2017


I want to submit an URGENT complaint!

I have been having endless problems with my Blackberry Priv taken out on contract and is still on contract. I decided to eventually take it in to N1 City's Vodacom to have it repaired. When I went to the store, a gentleman by the name of Sven wouldn't even allow me to enter the store and asked what I wanted. I said I have my ID and would like to give my phone in for repairs. Its a contract phone. He said I would need to come back with my ID and my cellphone box. The next day I returned with both of what he requested and a lady helped me. I gave her my box and she asked me why I'm bringing my box as its not needed, only my ID is needed. I asked her WHAT! I was told to bring this before I could be helped! She said sorry its not needed and finally helped me. Thank goodness!

She has mentioned to me this will take about 7-14 days. I was fine with this and left. The second week I phoned and asked if it arrived and guess who answered. Sven! Poor customer service! Poor! I asked if he could check if my phone arrived and requested my IMEI number. I said I do not have that on hand but I mentioned I have my name, surname, cell phone number and ID number. He said no he will need the IMEI number. I said okay fine, I will go look for it and held onto the line at my request. I told him I am still looking for it and he said okay, just give me you name and number. What! Really? It seems like he dodges any sort of work that needs to be done . He sounds like a lazy employee! I went into the store the next week and asked if my phone arrived they checked the system and says its in the store. When they went to the back. Guess what? No phone! They tell Mr to wait for the guy to deliver their phones. They asked me to wait an hour! I waited and guess what. Still no phone! The driver never ever brought my phone!

This is going on for almost a month that I do not have a phone but paying a monthly installment of R360! Its no joke. I need my phone or if you not able to provide me with my phone. I want a new phone!The same brand and type of phone!! This is wrong. This is not on guys!

Get back to me with a solution and what will happen with a fee I'm paying but no phone on hand. I want answers!!!

ID number [protected]
Dominique Clarissa Morland

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