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On the 22nd of October 2014 a lady phoned me from Mondo Mobile a approved service provider for Vodacom to offer me a flexi 100 package. I had just done a transfer of ownership on my Vodacom contract that was on my fathers name but now on my name. She said I will be receiving a new sim card and I thought this was normal procedure because it will have RICA on it as my address had changed with my transfer of ownership. I however did not know I was getting an entirely new cell number and contract until about 10 days later. Why would I want another cell number and another contract? I can only afford to pay for one. I went to the Vodashop in Fourways mall to ask what was going on as this is where I had handed in my forms for the transfer of ownership. I thought they had made a mistake and opened a new contract for me. This was not the case and young lady looked up this new number on her system [protected] and said Vodacom had made a mistake and they have cancelled this contract so do not worry about it, then proceeded to cut up my sim card in front of me! I said to her are you sure? She said yes. Now since December 2014 I am getting billed R339.00 a month for a number which I am not using!! I have spent hours speaking to customer care but nothing gets sorted out. Finally my package dispute was escalated to rewards for a call recording and a request put in to cancel the contract and refund me for the amount I have been overcharged and been misled. The first request was submitted on 10 December 2014 and nothing happened then the second request was submitted on the 9th of January 2015 and I was told by customer care lady Bianca Qwabe that this procedure usually takes 3 to 5 working days and she will keep me updated as to what is happening. I heard nothing for about 10 days and phoned again to find out what was going on. I was met with a apology and was informed she had had no feedback from Vodacom and will escalate the issue to a higher department. 5 days later still nothing and then decided to email Mondo Mobile as I waited 7min for somebody to answer the phone to no avail. A gentleman name Jonathan Subban who is the Customer Care Liaison Officer replied and apologised profusely and informed me Bianca will contact me shortly. She did the next day with no news again! I explained to her how serious the situation is as I cannot afford to pay for this number again February. On the 2nd of February 2015 a debit order of R339.00 went off! Now when I try contact Bianca or Jonathan about this they do not reply to my emails and I cant get hold of them telephonically! I am so disgusted and disappointed with Vodacom. They really do not care about their customers at all. They are happy to suck you for every penny you have. They do not care if they lose your business because they will get more from many new clients. My current cell number is [protected] which I pay R267.50 a month. This other number I am paying for is really hurting my bank account as things are really tough at the moment. You try explain this to them and you just get a F you attitude. I really need this issue resolved and do not know what to do anymore. If Vodacom or any other cellular company tries to offer me something over the phone again I will hang up immediately!

Feb 5, 2015
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      3rd of Jun, 2016
    Vodacom - Charged R700,88 for nothing
    United States

    In January my Blackberry Satnav licence expired even though I had almost a year left on my contract. When I phoned Vodacom customer care I was given a link to download the Satnav again and was promised that I wouldn't be charged. After following the link I received an sms saying I was charged R700 and my Satnav was still not working. I logged the issue straight away.

    Since then, I have phoned Vodacom several times to follow up (Isn't it your job as customer care to follow up with me, rather???? That's where the 'care' part comes in). Every time I am told that someone is dealing with it. Yesterday a debit order came off my account for my Vodacom bill which includes R700.88 for the Satnav. When I queried it today, they said I shouldn't phone back until Friday because that's when the call log expires! This is ridiculous!!! I can't believe that Vodacom has taken so long to deal with this...and in the meanwhile they ***** my money!!

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