Vodacom / bad service and not honoring the contract terms

Johannesburg, South Africa
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I recently upgraded my mobile contract through Vodacom at the Trade Route outlet. On the new deal that I took, which was a Huawei P9 device, was a Woolies voucher. I did the upgrade middle December 2016 and to date have not received the voucher, which was part of the deal. I have made numerous calls to the Vodacom Agent and have spoken to a Huawei Representative as well. To date, I am still awaiting the voucher, which I have to constantly chase up. There is currently no person who is taking responsibility to ensure that the process and delivery of this item of the contract has and will be delivered. What is becoming evident is that once the device has been handed over to the client, nothing else that is outstanding matters. I have been a client of Vodacom for years and have more than 3 contracts and this is the service that is being provided.
I have been sent a response telling me to call Huawei Technologies to follow up on the Voucher. Nobody has called me since the date that I have lodged the original complaint. I do not have contracts with Huawei. I have contracts with Vodacom. This is actually the worst service thus far. Soon I will be canceling all contracts because I should not be chasing up any issues with Huawei, Vodacom should as they have the deal with Huawei. REALLY AND TRULY PATHETIC SERVICE.

Jan 16, 2017

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