Vodacomairtime disappearing

I have been with Vodacom since 2005. However last year 2016, my airtime is in my phone and within hours its gone as well as my remainder data, even when my cellular data is turned off. Subsequently I am having to spend even more money on cellphone for airtime, over and above my contract price. I find this inexcusable and I am terribly unhappy with the situation, and I refuse to pay more money each month. The monthly amount is disappearing within days of receiving it. In addition, I went into Vodacom to sort the issue out and I was told that it would be and I am still sitting with the issue. While I was there it also came to my attention that I have been receiving bills for my contract that is much more than I am meant to be paying!? This is not fair on me as a consumer and I believe customer services should be one of your main priorities.

Jan 09, 2017

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