Why is it that a massive company has an admin staff with the efficiency of toddlers??

My account was suspended. The reason for this is because after multiple requests, Vodacom simply ignored me and continued to use whatever day they pleased for my debit order. This is not my actual complait as i understand that ensuring that incapable companies take their money is my responsiblity.

My Complait is the fact that i paid this account, including the "late payment" fees on Tuesday 24 January 2016. It is now Thursday. I have sent the Proof of payment through twice and spoken to 3 consultants who all assured me my line would be unlocked shortly. Atter loosing my temper i now spoke to a supervisior. Who has now informed me that my account will only be unlocked "sometime next week"

I will be going to my nearest vodashop over the weekend a cancelling my contract.

Jan 27, 2017

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