I have been struggling with vodacom for about a week now. When I realized Vodacom hadn't debited my account i went out of my way in making a call to ask why. Only to find out Vodacom didn't issue the debit to go through. ( not my fault -Vodacom's negligence)
I am now going to get a bad rating on my credit history with vodacom this month. Because someone didn't do their job!!
Once i have finally sorted this out. You Vodacom should have debited my account today [protected] as per the arranged agreement. Which to my surprise still hasn't been done. Me having to Make another call to ask why you still haven't. I am very upset with vodacom and will not stand for this level of service i am receiving. I have been a loyal customer of vodacom for many yrs. and have paid each and everymonth. This is pathetic and i want it resolved. Making it seem like its my fault meanwhile its your staff that is incapable of doing their jobs. Pffft.

Jan 10, 2017

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