Vodacom / 5 gig data

I have 5 contracts with with Vodacom. One of them is a 5 Gig Data Contract, for R269-00 per month. This contract have a R300-00 cap on it which is active.Every month i have a carry over, thus i do not use all the data.
My account for September was R 1958-59 WITH STILL 300MB to carry over to the next month. I pay this on top of my other accounts. I started on the 1st of November with a carry over for 430MB plus my 5Gig = 5.43 GB,
The very nice thing of this whole scenario is i left South Africa on 22/10/16 for Zambia. Will return on 12 December,
My account is as this morning: 4Gig Left ant the total payable end of month R389.12. What about the R300-00 cap ??
I live alone, nobody got access to the router its been switched of.
Send 23 e-mails to Vodacom with no reply.
By the way, there is 2 other DATA contracts as well, a 5Gig and a 10 Gig, with no cap.
Contact me if you find it worthwhile : [protected] cell no in dispute [protected]
I am going for legal advice, the people you talk to are RUDE with NO Manners and Vodacom never reply.

Nov 11, 2016

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