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Please don't fall prey of tall claims and powerful advertisements of VLCC, slimming center. I have had an atrocious experience with its Dwarka center followed by the customer care department.
Having taken a package for 2 months on 29th November 2015 I could only avail 2 weeks of it and developed medical complications. Due to this I requested them to put me on break untill I recover from my ailment with due submission of my medical reports and doctor's prescription. Also I requested for a diet plan so that I keep a check on my weight during the time of break. The same was never provided to me inspite of regular reminders given to them through phone since 26th Dec 2015 and whatsapp on 23rd January 2016 to their dietician Ms Preeti.
On approaching them in March first week to check with their doctor on panel for a safe therapy in place of Slimtronic package that was given to me for some 38000 in Nov 2015 for which I took 2 sessions and went on break, the doctor mentioned she would discuss my case with the dietician and suggest a safe alternative in a day's time. The same didn't happen either and hence I personally visited them again after 2 weeks. I was surprised to see the callous behavior of the doctor. She didn't bother to work on my package. On having word with Ms Preeti to mention to the doctor to take the matter seriously, she suggested me to call after one day. Again when I called nothing was in place and hence I asked them to arrange my meeting with the centre head for the reimbursement of my package that I haven't utilized as I was extremely dissatisfied with the services. The same wasn't fixed up and hence I visited the centre to meet the new centre head Ms Neeru as Ms Bhawna who sold me the package had left the organization by then.
I met her sometime around first or second week of March and shared my agony and that I wish to quit. I clearly shared that I am a single parent of 2 young kids and have their responsibility on my shoulders and hence can't take any stake on my health n body and that I am immensly dissatisfied with the services. She did some calculations and concluded for a refund of some 23000/-. However, insisted on body therapy as the alternative to the initial package I took. I completely denied but was enrolled with her selling skills, apologies for previous experiences and claims of providing better services. I very clearly mentioned that I will take one session and then decide whether to continue or not depending on its effect to which she agreed.
On taking the body therapy next day I felt uncomfortable and reported the same to Bimla who gave the therapywhile leaving. She said that I will be all right in some time and hence I left.
I waited for 2 - 3 days to feel better from the muscular pain I developed at the back of my thighs and arms but no relief. Hence wrote a mail to Ms Neeru for refund on 18th March 2016 and also spoke to her telephonically to do the needful. To this she mentioned of doing it in few days because of March closing. I accepted it and told her to send an acknowledgement on my mail and that I will wait till their March closing.
Having waited till 6th April 2016, I called her back a d she told that she will process my case and that G5 was not supposed to be given to me in the therapy and that she communicated the same to the service provider Bimla. Currently I am taking physiotherapy sessions for the tenderness developed in my muscles. I have spent close to 50000/- on tests and medication since I joined VLCC, the worst decision I ever took in my life.
I was shocked about their communication gap leading to my ill health. Since then I have written multiple mails to Ms Neeru and customer care of VLCC and had spoken to Ms Shweta, Area Head who too called me atleast after 7-8 days of my mail and word with customer care representative. The last she asked me to meet their doctor with all my reports so as to get another alternative therapy and that they will not refund my money. My question is having suffered twice and staying at the mercy of VLCC's employees to offer proper services, why should I stake my health further???
I had all these months been very polite with them, kept my cool and patience and am being harassed by the employees of VLCC. To my honesty I didn't even exercised my free vouchers for facial/nail art I received against my payment of 38000/-
I hence strongly urge people not to get in trap of VLCC through their money back guarantee and other lucrative offers through their advertisements.
I escalated the matter to the corporate office on 7th April 2016 and am still awaiting their response towards the refund and hence closure.
I am attaching few of the screenshots of my mails sent to Dwarka Sector 11 centre and the corporate office of VLCC for reference.


May 01, 2016
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      May 20, 2019

    am customer of Thane Manpada branch.

    when I went to check schedule and look at offers and services, I was sold a lot many stuff and once the payment is done, then all the rules and regulation is shared/imposed.

    1. Due to my touring job, I have not taken any session last 6 months and now when I go to get my sessions back the centre is denying extending and is providing me mere 6 sessions just to wrap up.

    2. you would be surprised to know that every time I took slimming session, the lead of the machine mall functioned and had to be replaced OR couple of time machines needed replacements. Once my skin got BURNT due to mall functioning CELLO.

    3. I opted for DNA analysis details and the same was never given to me AND when I asked for refund, I was denied and shared one Tummy tuck session additional.

    4. the face firming session were kept always after 12noon till evening and that time I am never available AND Sat/Sundays are always booked. This timing were never shared at the time to payment/sales BUT we the customer pay and then suffer.

    above are the few reasons, I feel VLCC is just money extracting, and we pay you guys premium just expecting good & genuine services.

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