Vistaprintbogus credit card charges

D Nov 18, 2017

In 2015 I was in partnership on a roofing company. My partner used vistaprint for business cards and other services. My partner passed away unexpectedly, and the business was closed. Some months later I noticed I was being charged on my american express by vistaprint for various products and services, none of which were actually being provided. I contacted them and they said they could only refund the previous 3 month's charges, even though the service had not been used for over a year. Just tonight I was looking at some recent charges and notices they were back at it. I called amex to have vistaprint blocked this time, and don't yet know how much of the money they ripped off can be recovered. I went online and this is a pattern of conduct by this company. Once they have your credit card or account number, there is no end to monthly charges.

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