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Dear lori holt,

I don't want to be rude but you are educated women and having business to way to success, you have to be loyal with your customer, we trust you and we give you the business but if we get deceived this not good for you and your new client who trust your company and order the stuff, I do agree I make the design of the card but did you check the cards before you delivered it, its common sense when you can't read your name on the card so is it valuable for others that’s a common sense.
What if someone did the same with you how its feel, I think sincerity is more precious then money making like this.
I am so surprised what did you guys and your company did to me and if I show these cards printed by your company what will be the result? Did u ever think about it? What if I sue your company they can see the card and will make decision about that how its look like and what quality of card I order and what I get and cards words are invisible.

I request you to refund my money back which I spend on the cards trusting your company its your responsibility to satisfied me you lied to me that for 21 days the card will be delivered and its takes only 2 days to delivered to me and then I ask for the expensive material you charge for that but give me the weird one and printing is so weird, if you will not refund my money I will take further action against you.


Tarek deaz.

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  • Hb
      11th of Dec, 2010

    VISTA PRINT in the news: BOSTON -- "A company is accused of running one of the largest unauthorized consumer billing operations in the country." (Watch the news clip)

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  • Jy
      10th of Jun, 2011

    First of all, who wrote this complaint? A trained chimp? The rambling, run-on sentences and jumbled thoughts made me yearn for 8th grade English class. If this person truly is a business owner, I hope they have an assistant who handles ALL comunications!!

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  • Fi
      20th of Mar, 2012

    Gosh, is that what you get for making a complaint? Insults from jydijasmith?!! Did you get a refund?

    Here is the complaint that I made to Vistaprint on 12/02/12, and I have not received any satisfaction regarding my complaint:

    I regard the retention of the money that I paid for this months subscription as unlawfully kept money because you have taken my money and not provided the services and products promised and are in violation of the Trading standards Act of 1982. Any conversation with your service team would be fruitless and futile. I notice that site activity has been turned off yet again today. Most functions of the website have been interfered with from the start of my paying for my subscription. I would like a refund of my money £14.24 x 7 please. This is because you have effectively stolen from me, and caused detriment to my business and personal distress. I would like you to release my IPS tag to UK Host. I do not expect to pay you for the release of my tag in the circumstances. If you will not release my tag then I am asking for the full amount that I have paidVistaprint in total x 7, as you have wasted my time and taken my money unlawfully, not providing a proper service, and created greatinconveniencee. I have bought business cards and products which relate to my domain name, and Vistaprint have acted unlawfully, and hindered me in the development of my website I refuse to pay you a further penny. Of course I would have been happy to continue with Vistaprint with the domain name which I was given the impression that I already own. However, Vistaprint have messed me about big time, and I have paid already for my domain name with UK host. If I am not satisfied with your response I will be taking matters further.


    Andrea Hudson

    Beyond this I have asked for the contact details of Lori Holt, the director of customer benefits for Vistaprint. I was informed on the 13/02/12 that if I were to phone theVistaprint number I would be able to speak to Lori Holt. I have only just phoned this number today, as I have been so daunted by the whole affair. It transpires that Lori Holt is not contactable through this service number, and never has been. I have been refused Lori Holt's contact details yet again, and have had to request that the service team get in touch with Lori Holt to give me these details him/ herself.

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