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If you have ever ordered from, check your statements, they are ripping people off! I ordered business cards and they have been charging me for the past 3 months for a service I never requested. They gave my credit card information to business max. When I called them, they said that I clicked on a popup, and that vista print authorized that charge. This is not true since I have a popup blocker. Please send this e-mail to all of your friends. Companies like this do not deserve good customers. I just opened a complaint to the bbb. Some complaints are as old as 5 years ago and some as new as today. Apparently, vistaprint does not learn, they just keep changing their name on the credit card charge.

Let's all fight back and cripple this company by sending this e-mail to as many people as you know. I am very upset because they have no right to do this, and apparently they are not stopping. All you have to do is type in google, vistaprint ripoff and you will see so many complaints and no one is stopping them. Whatever happened to the federal companies that are supposed to stop this and protect the consumers? I will certainly never purchase from them again.

Online printing causes numerous hassles

With more than 260 complaints filed with the bbb, vista print usa, inc. Of lexington, mass is one of the bbb top ten most complained about companies. Vista print provides design and print services over the internet, which might sound convenient (as their website claims), but 260 consumers report otherwise. Many complaints allege that the company shipped inaccurate and incorrect items to consumers.

Though the company website states that the average wait on their toll free line is thirty seconds, dozens of consumers reported significant troubles reaching customer service. The bbb also received reports that vista print placed unauthorized charges on consumer's credit cards. Vista print usa, inc. Has an unsatisfactory report with the bbb for no response to complaints and a pattern of complaints.

Please send to at least 10 people, or all of your friends and family.


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  • Me
      9th of Aug, 2007 - Beware of this company!
    United States (Free Business Cards)

    Beware of this company that advertises FREE business cards. If you click on certain links that entice you, you may end up with unauthorized charges on your credit card or automatic withdrawals from your checking account.

    They automatically enroll you in something called VPrewards club. Charges can appear from a variety of names monthly.

    After many successful transactions, I guess I finally clicked on a link, being curious as to what it was about. But I never knowingly joined anything and never authorized them to start charging my credit card for anything.

    There are hundreds of complaints about them doing this from the UK to the US.

    After they sent me a notice that they would be billing me for this charge, I went searching on the web about them and realized my only sensible recourse was to cancel that credit card so I wouldn't be douped. This may be the wisest solution since you can't know what name they are going to be using to bill you under.

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  • Je
      13th of Mar, 2008

    Hello, I’m Jeff Esposito, an employee in VistaPrint’s public relations group, and I saw your blog entry on our rewards program and wanted to reply. On behalf of VistaPrint I am sorry you feel you’ve had a negative experience with our rewards program. VistaPrint believes that the vast majority of our customers who sign up for the program really enjoy the benefits, but if you are not happy, please call 866.870.4124 and we’d be happy to process a refund. We’re open from Mon – Fri 8 am – midnight EST.

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  • An
      12th of Jun, 2008

    I called Jeff Esposito, Public Relations at their corporate HDQ in Massachusetts and quickly explained my situation where I had been charged for an internet subscription that I had not been aware of nor used, and he was very friendly and efficient and said that a full refund would be processed by my next billing cycle (Just under $200)

    I think in these situations its people like Jeff Esposito that can make a difference with a firm's reputation and repeat business.

    I encourage to call the company's HDQ and speak to him and I am sure that everything will be resolved in a friendly and efficient manner.

    I will re-post a comment once the full refund has been processed.

    I commend his action in posting such a helpful comment which could have been a situation mired in red-tape and lots of letter writing and frustrating phone calls and correspondence.

    Be ready with your account number, email address and he can process it from there.

    I would suggest to Vista Print to make the subscription to such a service more transparent and to make sure that customers are aware in a very visible manner that they are agreeting to a re-occurring charge to their card.

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  • Ri
      29th of Oct, 2008
    VistaPrints - Unauthorized withdrawal from credit card
    Vista Prints
    United States

    Took $14.95 out of my account every month for almost a year, without authority.

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  • Sa
      13th of Nov, 2008

    For a hassle-free ordering of your print jobs over the internet, or at their Commerce, CA location, you should try . Great quality at very low prices!

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  • Ri
      25th of Nov, 2008

    Regarding the post by Jeff Esposito above, his post appears on consumer sites wherever people report being ripped off by Vistaprint/vprewards/clubprem. Please note his wording carefully: when he promises “a full cancellation and refund”, you will certainly recieve a ‘full cancellation’ but not a full refund. They make their money by ripping many thousands of people off and offering partial refunds to those that notice they’ve been ripped off (many never notice or give up trying to contact the company because they make it as difficult as possible). All of these companies are part of Vertrue, in the states, who have been sued successfully in the past and told to cease the business practices through which they have made a fortune (it’s called “negative optioning”, a very unethical way of making money). They haven’t ceased the practices and are being taken to through the courts again. If you want to read more, it’s here:

    They are a vile company and people shouldn’t go anywhere near them.

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  • At
      30th of Dec, 2008

    I have used VP for the past several years without any problems..until now.
    I uploaded a design for a large car magnet ( 4 of them actually) and one came back defective in that it would not lay flat and the top edge appears to have a permanent crinkle allowing for air and water to filter underneath the magnet which will eventually result in the magnet falling off during travels. In addition to this, the product looks defective and this is supposed to reflect poorly on the business marketing ability of my new company? When I called VP to complain about the single defective door magnet, the foreign speaking customer complaint worker told me that because my photo upload did not extend to the full edge of the magnet ( it has a white strip on the top and below the image which is ok with me) that this is what caused the crinkled edge and that its not their fault. I told them that was a ridiculous reply and offered to email them a photo of what I was talking but they continued to allege that the problem was mine and not their, so that they would not be responsible to replace one single magnet product.
    Also this morning I received a call from a company related to their solicitation of the after market junk they try to sell you, as you were in the process of the check out your order with them. I told the person that called that NEVER clicked on his services during the checkout procedure. I will now watch my bank charges to see if VP attempts to fleece my account of additional charges which I did not approve.
    While I have had a long history with VP, I vow never to do business with them again and I will take every opportunity to let others know how poorly one of their long standing customers were treated upon receiving a defective product from them.

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  • Hu
      10th of Mar, 2009

    I have a huge blog post with all the details of all of the different scamming sites Vistaprint and Adaptive Affinity run and how best to get a refund.

    If you don't believe me check this blog and the scores of comments form people who have been ripped off!

    You can also sign this petition!

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  • To
      29th of May, 2009

    I just read another post regarding and became very interested in getting to the bottom of it all. I am a graphic designer and have been running my own business for over 11 years now. I went from small local printers to large printers to online printers and all the way to the moon, but found that there is no MAGIC in the world of printing!!

    All the printers buy their printing equipment from large companies that produce them. They rent/buy a location and hire people to work there. So if all these are equal, what is the bloody difference??? Well, there is enough difference to make people hate or adore their printers. I have come to know a few different factors that help understand theis madness better: not all clients are the same.

    What I mean is that geese are different from quails. They have different needs and different priorities. A graphic designer will look for certain qualities in a printer. So will a guy who has a late night enlightening experience and suddenly feels calling for a new profession as a plumber. But they will look for different qualities. I love plumbers but, lets face it, most of them do not give as much attention to color consistency and print clarity as they do to price. So in other words, you can not expect every printer to be everything you ever wanted!

    Good printers specialize in certain products, period. As soon as a printer tells you "I have got the best postcards, business cards, and best rates on life insurance out there" you better run... like a quail. Without getting into the "100 reasons why you should not look for printers based on price", I would simply say that you need to have a realistic expectation. If you look for business cards and you find 3 companies that offer them at rates ranging between $4.00 to $400.00 you better believe that there is a difference in what you will be receiving in the end.

    We can all probably agree that "Joe the Plumber" should not be too upset if he got his cards done at or or or for $5, and they arrived 3 weeks after the deadline, or perhaps were misprinted, or simply looked like that stuff that geese do best (please see your back yard in the spring for more details). So for all of you "Joes" out there, go ahead and use these online printers - they are truly awesome for the quick/cheap/simple solution to your print problems. BUT, please do not ### about how miserable you are with your choices! If you do not have the cash, go ahead, and get a Kia. "It may look like chicken but it sure does smell like fish" is a good motto for something that looks too good to be true!

    For those of you who do want to have assurances and are willing to pay what it costs to get something of true quality and value, you have to be a lot more careful, my friends. Do not buy into the cheap, old fashioned strategies of free this or free that. Do you think that if I offer you 1000 business cards at $20.00, I will also offer you almost-cost on folders or letterheads? NOPE! I will make sure to get compensated for the initial loses on the business cards later on when you buy other products. Wouldn't you? So you will pay one way or another, it really is a matter of value at the end.

    I can't blame the companies for doing that because they need to attract clients! So if you are a graphic designer, or a marketing guru, or other 'print related' professional, you should probably look for a relationship with your printer and not a one night stand. Relationships, in the long run, produce much, much stronger connections and thus help you build a lasting business.

    To conclude, I did not do so well in my English courses in University so I will not attempt this. Conclude yourself.

    PS: I found a company called CanB Business Solutions,, on another forum and worked with them for some time now. They may not (I think...not sure) do one night stands with clients but they will, however, be open to a relationship. Another good company I have been working with is - they specialize in folder printing. Both companies have REAL service and REAL commitment to quality products. They take responsibility when geese crap hits the fan and seem to provide consistency... I love that in print. While is my main supplier now, I also use a couple of local printers for things that are outside of their area of expertise. What works for me may not work for you, but if you like my findings/logic I think you just may find my ideas quite awesome. :o) I will post this on all the other forums I can find, otherwise my work will never be recognized for what it is - "glorious". I wish everyone a great 2009 and a quick economic recovery!!!

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  • Co
      5th of Jan, 2010

    My letter to Vistaprint Jan 5, 2010

    One of the photos in the calendar became corrupted and the printing failed. I was told that the order gets sent back again and again to try to be printed. And eventually after enough times I will get an email telling me something is wrong. However after five days I still received no notification. At this point they are already 5 days late and the rep. offered to provide 7 day shipping from that point. So they would actually arrive 19 days after I placed the order instead of 7 days. Yet is was ME who had to request a refund of the shipping charges to which she replied that that was not Vistaprint's policy. What kind reputable business would make it a policy to charge somebody for 7 day shipping when they know its going to wind up being 19 days? I raised this point and she got an authorization to do so. Then I asked why not give me the fastest shipping possible considering how late this is. She replied that can never be done. I told her I bet it could. She came back with the authorization to make it 3 day shipping. I don't think I'm telling you anything you don't know. I've had this same kind of scenario many times with many different companies. And the bottom line seems to be to do the customer wrong if you can get a few more bucks out of them, and only if they complain then do right by them. This is pathetic that anybody with any pride in their business would have a policy like this.

    The website also raised the price of my calendars when I started adding the mugs to the order. But I'm guessing you know this too and it's designed this way to try to sneak a little extra money out of me if i I wasn't paying attention. I was paying attention and I don't appreciate being treated like that.

    I hope you are enjoying the $1300 I spent with you this year because I'm going to be looking for another printer from now on.

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  • An
      8th of Jun, 2010
    Vista Print - Unauthorized charge for membership fees
    Vista Print
    United States

    I placed some orders to Vista print, and their price and quality of products are so good. However, whenever you process to place orders, they kind of push to click " Another 10% discount for next order"

    who doesn't want Another 10% discount?
    So I click it, this is a huge trap. I found something weird charge, which I never heard of company name: MVQ.

    Thus, contact them, and canceled account as well as asked for full refund.

    They said, " within 1-2 days, all money will be credited to my bank.

    My question is why are they doing this? even they refund all money and keep losing business. I never have any business with Vista print as well as tell everyone I know online and offline.

    If they refund full, I will report to Better Business Bureau.

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  • Jo
      16th of Jun, 2010

    I interviewed their recently and they have the "low cubes" in their office in Lexington.

    They ask Boston Consulting Group "case" questions that take up 50% of the interview time.

    Lots of young kids walking around with no shoes in dirty grey athletic socks.

    I found them to be arrogant in the interview, so when I was placed in front of their Credit Card charging Program Manager, I asked him about all the compaints. I wanted to know 1. What was being done about it, and 2. Why this situation could have occured.

    He denied it initially -- then I pulled a sheaf of highlighted printouts detailing the two class action lawsuits that have been filed against them, one in Alabama and one here in Massachusetts. He finally said, this has nothing really to do with credit cards or the checkout process.

    I didn't let him off the hook. Finally, he smiled tightly and said: "I am not at liberty to discuss this matter".

    I passed on the job. Bunch of kids with no experience. Their head Project Manager for Engineering has a Marketing degree and graduated college in 2002!

    Don't order from them, don't interview with them, find a better site.

    Some wall street analysts say they make up to 75% of their operating profits from this 'opt out' credit card scam. Look it up. Google 'vistaprint smartmoney magazine' - or hell, 'vistaprint' anything.

    Never seen so many complaints about one company. Ever.

    They had #1 most BBB complaints in New England, and top 10 in the USA! WOW!

    Sure, they closed most of them, but people are still complaining online!


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  • Ro
      19th of Oct, 2010
    Vista Print - People Mag.
    My World Plus Inc
    United States
    Phone: 410-871-4181

    I received a people mag from your company ( and it was in spanish or whatever. I am a united States citizen raised and born and have never been out of the United States. There fore i don't speak any other language but english and if you are going to send me mags i would like for them to be in english so i can read them. So with this said please dont send any other type lititure to my home.

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  • Hb
      11th of Dec, 2010

    VISTA PRINT in the news: BOSTON -- "A company is accused of running one of the largest unauthorized consumer billing operations in the country." (Watch the news clip)

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  • Hb
      11th of Dec, 2010

    VISTA PRINT in the news: BOSTON -- "A company is accused of running one of the largest unauthorized consumer billing operations in the country." (Watch the news clip)

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  • Hb
      11th of Dec, 2010

    VISTA PRINT in the news: BOSTON -- "A company is accused of running one of the largest unauthorized consumer billing operations in the country." (Watch the news clip)

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  • De
      27th of Jan, 2011

    Why do you wait until the refund? Just report the issue Better Business Bureau. Are you scared that vistaprint may prison you because you didn't want to get ripped off by them?

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  • La
      1st of Apr, 2011

    Vistaprints charged my account for a website that I canceled. In doing this I was unware of this an continued to use my debit card for purchases. When I went to balance my account, I found it was overdrawn. You would not believe this. Vistaprints claims they are not responsible because the charges did not take place the next day after their posted. It happend 2 days later. Because of this, my account has been charged $350.00 with 5 more pending transactions. And the Supervisor Carla Daley, hung up on me when I questions her " How could I correct a problem if I did not know it happened?" And you dont feel your company is responsible because it did not happen the next day.

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  • Te
      29th of May, 2011

    Avoid VistaPrint for any services. I ordered business cards and an address stamp. They mailed me two stamps, both missing the street address line. I caontacted their customer service and got a responsive email that said they were not responsible for typographic errors. I shot them back an email explaining that they had left the third line off both stamps. Their customer serivce sent me back the same form email that they had sent earlier. I sent a third request, and still got back the same Email. Their web site indicated 100% guarantee for product service. DON'T BELIEVE IT. They will not honor anything. They will bill you twice and when I told them of the problem a 4th time, they said they would give me a 5% discount off my next order? I THINK NOT. They will not get ANY of my business and I urge all others to stop using this corrupt company.

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  • Al
      17th of May, 2013

    I ordered once to Vistaprint and all went well, but when you're looking for something a little bit different and customized (exclusive), they don't have many choices at Vistaprint. A company that i can recommend for you is JMwebs,, I use to work with them actually. The most important difference is the fact that they're designers and they customize everything. The quality of their products is really better than others and moreover, you can ask what you want, they'll always propose you something.
    About the price, you'll see that there's no pretty much difference, for some orders, prices are the same. It depends on the quality that you wish to put in your products. Good Luck.

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  • Am
      8th of Feb, 2016

    I placed an order for 100 business cards for my new upstart on 27/01/15 with its opening event on 13/2/16. I was told order processing though I did not receive a debit. I have kept funds in my account for when ever they debit as some companies debit after they have delivered.
    Vista print did not produce my cards neither did they contact me to say the payment was declined. I called back today to find out the status only to be told the crap. Why didn't they contact me via mail? Yet they send me all sorts of adverts. Now I have no cards at all for my opening. I am super angry and disappointed. I should have know better. Vista print is definitely not the best. definitely not.
    I need a new overnight printer asap. Help anyone.

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