Visionworks / poor customer service

Seekonk, MA, United States

I entered the store and said hello to a person standing at the door. This person refused to speak or even acknowledge me or my son. We made direct eye contact. I assumed it was a rude customer and moved on. Within seconds the store manager approached me and asked what we needed and informed me that any of the store associates would be happy to help including the rude person standing at the entrance who was an employee. I did not have to tell the manager what happened because witnessed.what happened. I address the employee who the shook his head and walked away still refusing to speak. The manager stated this employees actions should not be taken the wrong way and he would find someone else. The entire store was empty. Just me my son and three employees which included the manager. This place is rumored to be overpriced but is was so close to where I live that it was convenient. I will pay more for quality and convenience but I will not spend a dime where my business is not wanted. Visionworks in Seekonk, MA.

Dec 16, 2015

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