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I dealt with vision to get a TV financed through them it took four and a half hours and by the time they were done they still had made mistakes that they did not tell me about until month after the fact and I called wondering why payment had not came out and why I hadn't receive any paperwork. It took them days to get back to me and I had to call them back before I got an answer. I posted on Facebook on their page and have called head office plus called the store to talk to a manager and no one seems to care. No one returns phone calls on the way I was treated. They even threaten to call the cops on me if I didn't bring the paperwork right away when I didn't make the mistake. Why doesn't anyone care about how they treated me. I called head office Jeff Norris was supposed to call me back but he has never called even the store email him too. But the store Manager I very rude too and I am not sure if I believe anything from the store manager. Very unhappy customer and if I could I would return my product I think at this point. Since no one seems to care. This is a short form of the problem to read more go on Facebook. Rob

Sep 17, 2014

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