Virgin Mobile / billing/service

GA, United States

On March 31 I logged into my Virgin mobile account set up for my daughter to pay her bill. The amount due stated $54.95; I paid $55.00. Later on April 1 my daughter asked me what was going on with her phone I told her I did pay the bill and it shouldn't' be anything going on with her account. When I picked her up from school on April 2, she told me that she received a text message saying her account balance was only 39.00 and that her calls are .20 cents per minute.

I called customer service and the young man explained to me that her bill was 59.95 with the texting. I explained that on the page it said total amount due 54.95 so I paid that. He offered to restore 55.00 to her phone account and give me a $5 message pack for the month since I was a valued customer. I was on hold during this process for a while. Satisfied we concluded the call.

April 3, 2010 I was doing some online banking and I discovered that my account was drafted not only for the 55.00 but an additional $60.01. I immediately called customer care and the rep explained that $55 was refunded to my bank account and then a payment of $60.00 was drafted. I told him that the representative DID NOT SAY ANYTHING about drafting my account again. The only thing the rep could say was "I am sorry for the inconvenience" every time I asked a question. I explained to him that it would not have been an issue if I was told my account was going to be drafted again but I wasn't. The only thing he said was "I am sorry for the inconvenience". I asked to speak to a supervisor to find out what can be done about this incident and all he said was this is Anthony, I am sorry about the inconvenience, he reiterated everything I already knew about the account and that it takes 24-72 business hours for the $55 to be refunded. I told him that every month it seems like it’s something with her phone and that I am seriously considering moving to another carrier. Do you know what he said? "I am sorry for the inconvenience Mam" and hung up.
I have worked in customer care before and I understand that there is a script that reps are to follow, but I felt like I was talking to a robot. The representatives appeared not to have mastery of the English language s the only thing they could say is the phrase they knew "I am sorry for the inconvenience". This money that was drafted was part of my grocery budget for the week. If the first rep on April 2 had told me he was going to draft the account again and refund the first payment, I would have expected that.

Like I said before, every month there is a new issue. One month she went without service for 36hours. We talked with customer care that told us to wait four hours. After that still nothing so we were asked to wait another four hours and so on. This continued until we went to our local Radio Shack and the manager there fixed the issue. I know that issues do occur from time to time but this is too frequent.

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