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My monthly payment on my cell never went through so I contacted virgin customer service to let them know. The lady said she would fix it and it would go through in an hour. That night I checked my service plan and it said I had 2cents in my account and I was on a 30cents a min plan not the 40 monthly plan that I had pay for. Also my account balance was now only 2cents, so the 40 dollars was gone!I called customer service back and they said it takes 24 hours for the payment to go through so it would be fine the next morning. I checked today (The next morning) and was still on this 30cents a min plan with only 2cents in my account. So I called customer service again and they said a "team" has been asigned to track down my 40 dollars and ive been credited 1 dollar for my troubles!!!I was told to call back in 24 hours to check on their progress. When I asked to speak to a manager the service agent became nervous and would not put me threw until I became very frustrated and hung up the phone. Onced this is done I am done with virgin mobile the worst company everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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  • Ta
      7th of Feb, 2010
    Virgin Mobile Canada - incompetant / ignorant
    British Columbia

    Hello ppl! Well they did it again screwed another fairly long term user! So... Takes two months to get a lg bliss phone in for me!

    When they do of course the rebates "dissapear" and even worse the cost of the phone actually goes up!

    So now instead of the 149.00 cad. That I signed up for and took two months to get the darn thing, turns into o well that was then not now! (Uh nope not taking that for an answer)

    So not letting that go I keep calling diligently to get this remedied, seems easy right, I mean I ordered it when it was happening right, so why should I be punished cause they are incompetant?

    Well after the two months of waiting for the phone to come in and a week of waiting for customer service to "ok" what was supposed to be mine anyway (The 50.00 online activation credit)

    I do actually get the credit, or rather we will see, they have "promised" to anyway, course they are not exactly trustworthy, as you know by now im sure!

    So ok fine I go to the kiosk in the mall to purchase the phone that took two months to get!

    Well well now the phone has gone up in price instead of the 149.00 cad. I contracted to purchase it, "now" has no online activation credit ok I dealt with that, but now the phone has gained in price as well now going for 179.00

    So again back to customer service and another almost week to get back to me!!!

    Finally they get back to me "woooo" I feel so lucky (Not) !

    They leave a message that they will credit the 50 as per previously mentioned and they will honor the 30 over charge and let me have it for the 149.00 I signed up for 2 months ago!

    I am thinking wow ok this almost has a end yay! Lol lol lol ya right again not!

    So I go to get the phone which is a few citys over, yep a total pain been commuting back and forth and back and... ! So I get there again and find out oh no you dont get it for the price you contracted to buy it for, even though you fought customer service and won, you buy it for 179.00 and we will credit that 30 back to you!

    Ohhh I see you want a interest free loan on demand in other words! (Hmmm does this seem fair where I do I demand one of these, would they do it for me lmao) clowns!!!

    So called customer service again and they will likely call sometime this week I assume who knows, in the meantime this is costing a wad driving around, I broke down and just bought it and I will bite the 30 I guess just want it to be over right!

    So ok I am now "ok'd" to recieve the $80 back when I activate it online! (So customer service says!)

    So I buy it anyway and activate it, and call 611 when I do get it and activated online as per the instructions given! Well well screwed over again!!! Oh they cant just do it, that will be another week for them to get back to me, to give me my credit of $80 now!!!

    The girl has the nerve to tell me oh not to worry just buy a card and that will make it happen faster!!! So now the $80 you screwed me for isnt enough you want more huh???

    Well tell you what, I am writing on the net, and calling bbb whoever will listen, and "warning all potential customers of virgin mobile canada"

    Be aware! They will and in my case have... Lied, been ignorant, attempted to outright steal from there customers!!! They do not care at all, hands down the absolute positively worst cell company I have ever dealt with!

    Shame on you virgin mobile canada!!!

    There biggest mistake was messing with me I will not let this go! I have all the proof of there incompetance to date and am looking to take some of there money now!!! Ie: potential victims/customers!!

    If anyone has any ideas of how to get a band of us together and fight this crooked company (In my opinion) please feel free to contact me!!!

    Thanks for your time to read this! I really would appreciate any help or suggestions regarding this matter! Sincerly todd n [protected]@yahoo. com

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  • Ni
      27th of Apr, 2010

    Same here, last month, my automatic payment didn't go through. I called, they said this time only I had to make it manually and next month it would be fixed. Nice way to get rid of me but oh well. I made the payment. Now that it's time for the new payment, I see that great, it's been taken automatically BUT they also took the payment for last month. I called again (and it seems that the wait time to talk to a rep keeps getting longer & longer), they said the system didn't notice the manual payment and I was considered late, hence the double payment. What a lousy company.

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  • Eu
      24th of Oct, 2010
    Virgin Mobile Canada - stay away
    Virgin Mobile Canada
    United States

    Attached is a letter I just emailed to virgin mobile after getting off the phone with their customer "service" department:

    I am a very unhappy virgin customer.

    I just got off the phone after a 45 minute phone call (Mostly on hold) to your customer service department. For many years I have been on a $10/month plan, but was calling to remove this to save some money as I am currently on parental leave and my family is on a very tight budget.

    My phone over the past couple of years is largely unused - for emergencies only - so the plan is not warranted and I would like to switch to a per minute plan.

    Imagine my surprise when I discovered online that I have accrued a credit balance in excess of $100. I had an autotop up, but it was not to activate until a $10 threshold was reached (And top up with $20) , so I was under the impression my credit balance would never exceed $30. If the top up is not to kick in until I get down to $10, how is it possible that I continued to be charged a top-up resulting in a $100+ credit balance?? Because there are no statements, I had no idea this was going on. I am very upset.

    I was told the only way for my credit balance to not expire in two weeks is to remain on the $10 plan, which clearly doesn't make sense for me. Even if I use the phone for up to 5 minutes per month, that means it is costing me $2/minute or more.

    I asked to speak to a supervisor, who only repeated everything the first agent said, and what is online about the costs of the plans. I did not ask for a refund (Though that would certainly be preferable) , but rather I requested that my credit remain on my account, without expiring, but I do not want to stay on a $10/month plan.

    I am extremely upset and frustrated. I did not spend 45 minute on the phone to be told the same information I can read online, I called for some service. The supervisor I spoke with told me that "there is nobody higher than (Her) that I can speak to about issues like (This) ". I find it hard to believe that there is no manager in a customer service department, and even harder to believe that a company as large and profitable as virgin does not care about the happiness of their customers.

    Everyone in marketing knows the story of the '"good customer"... You know, the one who doesn't speak up, doesn't complain... Just takes their business elsewhere (And shares that with their friends and the internet) when they are unsatisfied. I was trying to give virgin the benefit of the doubt with my seemingly simple request. It is, after all, my money paid on my account. I fail to understand why my request is so contentious.

    I anxiously await a reply.

    I will update this forum if virgin mobile resolves this issue to my satisfaction.

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  • Tm
      6th of Jul, 2011

    Sounds like you are not reading or are aware of your cell phone plan policies and charges. If you are owed money and they did something improperly against your plan terms, it would have been fixed. Not getting what you want when you are mistaken about how your phone plan works does not mean the company is doing something wrong. Too many people dont know or care about how policies companies have work until they don't agree with them. READ YOUR CONTRACT OR AGREEMENT IN FULL

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  • Tm
      6th of Jul, 2011

    Virgin had a variety of service issues about a year ago. Long hold times and billing issues when they went to a new system were common. Everyone who stayed on with them got fat credits and were taken care of but there were problems...

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  • Mo
      12th of Oct, 2011
    Virgin Mobile Canada - customer service, phone plans & phone repair
    Virgin Mobile

    I signed up for virgin mobile years ago & did the pay as you go for a long time, I did not have many problems. I switched to their "supertab" a year ago & my phone had to be fixed 4 times within 6 months - for the exact same problem. They claimed that after 2 repairs if they could not figure out what was wrong with the phone or how to fix it they would replace it with new or upgrade it... This is their policy. After the 4 time sending the phone in, getting a horrible loaner phone that didn't work 2 out of 4 times I asked about the policy to replace or upgrade. After talking to several customer service reps - because no one really had ananswer as to why the phone had not been replaced - I was told it would never be replaced or upgraded, I would just have to send it back every time the touch screen didn't work... It was still under warranty & the problem was not something I caused.
    I continued to argue with more customer service reps about the repair, lack of repair & the overall service, eventually after giving them notice that I was taking my business somewhere else & I would be happy to pay triple the amount if I never had to deal with them & that I also wanted to speak to their 'media relations/customer relations' people (Who they claim not to have) they were suddenly very nice, I had an upgraded phone, the remaining balance of my tab for the defective phone taken away & was willing to give them another shot.
    It's been 2 weeks & I am now being told that I owe them double my monthly payment because I went over my min & used long distance - sounds fine - except I have 200min a month - always have - I used 150 & they are trying to charge me for the extra 50! I have my bill, I have my agreement, basically I have proof that I have 200min a month (For over a yr now I have never gone more than $10 over... Not $30) the customer service rep did not help me, kept explaining the same thing over and over until I asked to talk to someone who could explain it better since his logic was not making sense to me... He refused to let me talk to someone else, be transfered, or talk to his supervisor! Once I get this fixed, they have 30 days before i'm gone!
    Never sign up with virgin mobile!!! Always go anywhre else - it's worth it - even if it costs slightly more.

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