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Second time virgin has pulled this trick. I had to use my visa to add time to my cell phone & clicked no, do not remember this card. Virgin changed my preference & put the card number into the network to use for any & all monthly purchases; I found out with an overdraft email from my bank! My grandson did purchase a $40.00 top up using his mastercard, I was broke, & I was right here showing him how to get thru the online purchase. No doubt the card information entered was his mastercard & his mastercard numbers. Yesterday, I get a $35.00 overdraft email from my bank ; I checked my statement & see a $43.28 charge from virgin mobile. I called the bank, began the fraud order. We closed my bank card. I sent virgin an email asking why they pulled such a trick again & they responded with a nonsense reply about I made a hand purchase of $10.00 - they will probably attempt to charge that 10 bucks to my card too-big surprize - it's closed. They totally ignored the reason I wrote them-this $43.28 charge & the changing of my preference. Virgin may have charged both cards.

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  • Mt
      Dec 22, 2009

    I have a similar problem, although I am still very confused. Here are the details. My hubby and I both have VM phones and usually top up via internet with our credit card. We've been with them for years and never had a complaint. Last top up was 11/13/09. A double charge. But hubby figures it was his mistake so we don't worry about it. On 11/30/09 my bank called to tell me a flag had come up on our card and asked if we had just made like 7 charges on the card around 3pm that day with amazon digital services. We had not. So the card was disabled. Fraud investigation begins. I still know nothing about whether person(s) making the charges have been tracked down. And as far as I know, it has nothing to do with Virgin Mobile. Fast forward to 12/21/09. Hubby tries to use phone. Account suspended and they ask him to talk to a live advisor. Advisor tells him something like there is suspected fraud so his phone acct is suspended. They want him to have our bank email them at some email address like [protected] or something like that verifying that the credit card was really disabled. We visit our bank to ask if they have ever had something like this come up before. The best advice the person could give was to have Virgin Mobile make the request they requested of my husband in writing. I find that my phone has also been suspended. I tried calling a live advisor. Cut off several times. Finally spoke to someone. What a nightmare. Since I don't know my V-key they can't access my acct. I answered the security question correctly. They said they'd email me my V-key within a few hours. Over 24 hours later... nothing. But they did ask me an interesting question. They asked whether I topped up by normally using a top up card or by using a credit card. And then they wanted me to verify the credit card number. I explained that we had fraudulent charges charged to our old card and we canceled the card and had a new one. I also told them I refused to say my credit card number on a cell phone. They only wanted the last 4 digits of the old card, so I told them that. Strange question. Mind you, they do not keep our credit card on file that I know of, AND, we are not on any sort of plan that automatically charges our card. So... why would they even know about all this UNLESS the fraud investigation has pinpointed them as the culprit (which I don't know if that is true) OR they tried to charge my old card again for stuff we never authorized and they card came back denied?
    In reading their terms of service, I gather that they use a third party for billing matters. Perhaps someone in that third party is a crook? I plan on calling to check up on the fraud investigation to see if virgin mobile has been questioned. We certainly did not initiate any chargebacks with them.
    Anyone starting a class action law suit out there? Count us in!! I know I am going to lose my balance and so is my husband. We have already resigned ourselves to having to find another prepaid phone company to work with. I am just so disgusted with the customer service being outsourced to people who have no clue and are useless for all intents and purposes. I take surveys as a hobby. I can't wait for the next round of cell phone company surveys. I am gonna tell it like it is! Virgin Mobile is shady and I would never recommend them to anyone now. I will be putting my story up on all the social networks as well. I want everyone to know to stay away from Virgin Mobile. Things will never get better unless we talk with our pocketbook. If anyone still chooses to stay with VM - then I suggest ONLY topping up via a top up card. NEVER give them your credit card number!

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  • Gr
      Dec 31, 2009

    It took 3 months to get our phone off suspension the FIRST time they hacked my husbands card. He bought me $10.00 one time. A month later I used MY card to to up & instead they charged HIS card twice. We thought that was an honest mistake until it happened again. We used a Mastercard to top up my phone, I was giving the phone to my Grandson. They charged MY VISA where I had No funds available AND the Mastercard as well. Visa paid faster & my Grandson had to wait for his funds to become available so I could be refunded my money PLUS the OverDraft fee it generated. VIRGIN told me I should balance my own accounts to make sure I don't get overdrawn! They worded their response to the FAA very carefully- avoiding the TYPE of credit card that was used. They also said I had "LISTED" my Visa as the card to always use. I checked the "One Time Use ONLY" but-sneaky Virgin has another place that has to be checked to not save the card number as well as checking the box I did during the purchase. You have to go back INTO your account & make sure the card has been deleted. Wells Fargo failed to protect us-if we give our card info ONCE- that company can charge whatever & it's not fraud or unauthorized. Top Up Card is th only safe way to do this. Avoid VIRGIN MOBILE- bunch of sneaky thieves!

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  • Jg
      Jul 29, 2011

    Yes I am having big issues with virgin mobile as well.They have over used my cc as well as over draft fees to my checking acc. And now I used a top-up card and of curse my phones are shut off again they want me to add another top-up card and im not doing it.There a rip off from when i got them in march 2011 until right now. They are the worst pre-paid company i have ever used. Never again will i use this company again. Thank-You a VERY PO WOMAN.

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  • Ta
      Jun 03, 2016
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    iwould like to say that i Taquisa Battle did not authiorize the use of the credit card ending in the last four numbers 4451. the use of this credit card is no longer avaviable for an type of use towards my cell phone account. My cell number is [protected]. The credit card is no longer avail to retreiver any type of information the card has beed totatlly disconnected.

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