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I have had no functioning internet service for 2 months. Initially internet and skype were extremely slow, with downloads freezing and pages crashing regularly; on skype consistently being told that the connection was 'too slow' for video or phone link. I phoned Virgin several times last month to complain about this. Initially the person I spoke to was very helpful, arranged for a 'man with a van' to attend and sort out the problem. then on `13th january I got a text to say the workman had been cancelled due to them having 'identified an issue in (my) area which is affecting (my services). I subsequently phoned a further 2 or 3 times (and it seems that I have been charged for these calls at premium rate) to find out what was happening. I was eventually advised that the problem was due to 'over capacity in the area' which I take to mean that Virgin have signed up more customers than they can service on their existing broadband infrastructure. When I tested the speed of my broadband it was running at 0.5 mb - I am paying for 'up to' 20 mb. I was then told that the problem would not be fixed until today - 15th February. The fact that I've managed to actually get online - a first for weeks, may mean it has been fixed - but I won't hold my breath. When I asked how I would be compensated for their failure to abide by the terms of our contract I was offered £20 off my next bill. since my current bill is £13.47 higher than my normal monthly payment - this has either not happened or those phone calls to their 'service' were extortionate.
This is the first opportunity I've had to go online to register any kind of complaint. It is clear that their offers to provide superfast broadband are, at best, misleading; at worst a downright con - it is hardly my fault or that of anyone else who has experienced this problem in Woolwich/Plumstead over the last 2 months that Virgin have been so greedy as to sign up more people than they could service. I want the phone calls they've charged me for credited to my account; I want a full rebate on my broadband fee for the last 2 months, and I'd like an upgraded router for free, given the inconvenience - which has been considerable - I have suffered.

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  • Kp
      Jun 25, 2011

    In mid-February I noticed my Virgin Media Broadband was extremely slow. Several phone calls later, I too was told that the service was over-capacity. I pay for a 50Mb line, only to receive up to 150Kbps on a typical evening. This is not enough for YouTube, streaming, downloading, anything - based on the bandwidth requirements of modern sites/apps.

    In February, I was told this would be fixed in April. I would have to suffer for 2 whole months. It is now June, and the problems still exist, and have been told they will not be fixed until August.

    This is a known issue for Virgin. Why was I not informed? Why did it take several phone calls before I am told? Why do Virgin keep adding customers to an already over-capacity network? Surely there must be hundreds of customers who are signing up, to terms of service that can not be met.

    Virgin should be taken to court for such deception, ignorance and downright greed.

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