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Am I the only person who is affected by the problem of strong perfume triggering migraine headaches? Virgin-Atlantic seems to think so.

I recently became severely affected by a migraine after having been subjected to 11 hours of flying in a cabin serviced by male flight attendants who reeked of perfume. This is not the first time this has happened, so I wrote to Virgin-Atlantic to ask if their dress code could include a ban on perfume. Their answer was an unequivocal "No". Apparently, as I am the first person to mention this problem, I am considered extremely unusual -- a "one-off" in their own words. (After this I Googled "Migraine+perfume+trigger" and found 26, 000+ hits -- hardly a "one-off"). I have been requested by Virgin-Atlantic not to reply regarding my complaint with the company.

I will not let this matter drop. I am currently campaigning against perfume being worn by flight attendants, especially those who spray their jackets and pants with aerosol sprays in the cabin!! Truly, my husband and I witnessed this on a flight from London to San Francisco by two male flight attendants! When my husband asked them to stop, as it was offensive, they were both surprised and not a little surly.

On behalf of migraine sufferers everywhere, please, please help me organize a letter requesting airlines to change their policy regarding perfumed flight attendants.

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  • Ke
      Apr 03, 2016

    I too have complained to Virgin Atlantic numerous times as well as asked one flight attendant on a recent flight from Los Angel to London to please NOT come near me as her vile overpowering perfume which stank the entire Premium Economy cabin out had triggered a migraine and I now had to suffer the next 9 nine hours in a confined space. I couldn't exactly get off and catch the next flight! What did she do - spray more on! Correspondence to Virgin Atlantic basically tell me to suffer and be done as their attendants have every right to wear perfume, wear as much as they like and to top up the entire flight. Perfume is a migraine trigger. Ask any migraine sufferer. And no, it's not "just a headache".

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