Virgin Active South Africa / bad after service

Vanderbijlpark, South Africa

We applied for a new membership at Virgin Active in Vanderbijlpark... Heinrich Manke is under my gardianship  and i applied for his membership. B vd Berg [protected].
On applying the marketer could see that he was previously a member and that his mother still owes money on his account..    After we signed the contract it was block because the outstanding money had to be paid... and we did...
after a few days they phoned me to inform me that we had to pay the outstanding money...after yet a few days his access was denied because of a outstanding   gadianship form... on signing... i ask if that was now final he replied yes... yet again after a few days the card was block because of a outstanding report card ..
I phone to complain to customer care and the manager phone me from Vanderbijlpark... yet to inform me that he THINK there is still an outstanding signature also...
But he was not sure and will confirm with me...absolutly unprofessional!!! He did not phone back!???????
Again on entering the gym the card was blocked and the Lady (nasty ) inform Heinrich that we (me and him) should  sort out this outstanding information..  which we still not know what was outstanding ???
Card no.[protected]
SO unprofessional. We do not have time to run around after Virgin active staff members that does not know what is the nessasary doc 's that goes with opening a contract..
I do not have a problem to provide all outstanding info but at least ask for it all at one's!!!
I feel they owe Heinrich a apologie for today's nasty behaviour and laughing at him ... i am going to to social media and i will not stop to tell everyone what bad serves we got..
I do not have time to waist ... and can not run around after your employers in competency!!!
They are quick to sell a contract but the after service are poor!!!

Feb 6, 2017

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