Village Inn Restaurants / restaurant manager chrystal anderson

Centennial, CO, United States

I am emailing you to inform you that your restaurant manager at your centennial store is an unstable, manipulative, lying, thieving person and she knowingly went and slept with my boyfriend and then bragged about it as well as smoking meth. Now I know the village Inn image you so proudly uphold does not approve of this image and since she believes she can do as she pleases without regard for another person's feelings I trust this matter will be handled justly. I have been going back and forth with ms. Anderson for a year now. I had even contacted her halfway house, the haven, where she was until recently and they had even placed her on disciplinary action and a no contact order with my then boyfriend. Well since her departure from the haven she is back to her old ways and using meth again and boosting of it. She even used her daughter's name to send it and the smoking is meth because that's what he does and they used to do it together before she was arrested in 2014

Village Inn Restaurants
Village Inn Restaurants
Village Inn Restaurants

Jun 16, 2017

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