Village Inn Restaurantsmanager made very rude comments and waitress made me feel stupid.

Me and my grandfather love coming to Village inn, granted we always go to the Village inn on Litchfield Road. The one time I go without him to the Village inn on Northern avenue right off the 101 in Glendale Arizona and it is terrible. First me and my friend were convinced it was Wednesday.. So I was excited for free pie.. My waitress answered question like.. "What pies are for free?" and gave a comment to ensure it was Wednesday, "I don't usually work Wednesdays".. She gets me the pie still convinving me its wednesday and I go to pay for my meal. She was also training a new waitress and that scares me.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Glendale, AZI was sure this was the manager ringing me up due to his fancy shirt and slick back hair.. He was a Latino man, bulky and was working April 27th 2017 at 10am. I request my pie be taking off due to it being Wednesday. He tells me its thursday and calls me psycho as a joke because my shirt had the word. He continues with "well I hope this doesn't break your budget" I was insulted and upset about this all day. I needed to tell someone how this business on Northen avenue and the loop 101 is treating their customers and will be losing any of my future service there. I'm appauled, insulted and afraid there are more like this.

Apr 28, 2017

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