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I used to work at the Village Inn in Craig, CO. I was being sexually harassed by the new kitchen manager. I told my general manager and showed him the texts. My district manager was also aware and nothing really got done about it. I am not the only female employee there that this has happened to. I have proof though. My husband called him and confronted him about the texts and he stopped after that but then he was being rude to me. The way things are run there are two sided and favoritism plays a big factor. The rumors are outrageous. Any other businesses I know he would have been fired but since they paid a lot of money to get the new kitchen manager transferred it just got swept under the rug. A lot of really good people have left because of the new management. It's sad because it's a small town and word has already gotten around about the Village Inn here. I hope maybe corporate will look into this and realize how damaging the current management is there.

Nov 25, 2016

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