Vidanta Group / Vidanta group timeshare scam

United States

I went on vacation with my family to Cancun, and at the airport we were invited to a breakfast for 90 minutes, if we attended the breakfast they would give us some tickets to go to xcaret, we thought "free breakfast and tickets, what could go wrong? " and the answer is EVERYTHING, they ruined our vacation, they first did not want to let us go, and even if it sounds exaggerated, they forced us to buy.
Vidanta group is a group of swindlers and liars, avoiding our calls, they told us that would return the calls, made us spend our 5 days that they gives you to cancel, just to then refuse the cancellation.
Fortunately my sister gave us information from a company that cancel timeshares, they are called Mexican Timeshare Solutions and we are very grateful for the work that has been proposed, in order to represent and defend the interests of customers who trusted institutions that seemed reliable, we are very satisfied with the services and results of our cause, from the first moment we contacted we were given the necessary to deliver the representation of our problem, the confidence was growing up through the development process, we want to highlight the work done by Mr. Roberto Guzman, with whom we remained in a fluid and transparent contact all the time.
It is difficult nowadays to find serious and responsible organizations, they are the exception and we thank God to put them our way.
What we do have very clear is that never put a foot in a hotel of Vidanta group, they are like the devil.

Aug 23, 2016

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