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Being a faithful consumer of Victoria's Secret, I felt it was a great place to work over the Christmas Holidays of 09 at the Houston Galleria. To be perfectly honest, this was probably the best place I've ever worked because the employees not only collaborated as co-workers but as close friends. It was a absolute pleasure being selected among such a professional team.

Unfortunately, at the Houston Galleria, there seems to be a pretty big SECRET with the visual supervisor by the name of Victor. I inquired about him once due to his unique appearance and every single employee responds by saying, "Stay away from that guy."

I'll explain why after I provide you a brief description of what this character looks like. First of all, the dress code is all black by the way for both male and female employees. If your disgusted easily, you might want to discontinue reading.

This skinny male around 40 years of age with a horrendous attitude shouldn't be too hard to miss. He is about 5'4 and fashions black nail polish, earrings, eyeshadow, bad acne scars and dyes his spiky hair metallic blue. To make matters worse, Sonic the Hedgehog always comes to work wearing a white T-shirt, dirty blue jeans and flip flop sandals.

When I first laid eyes upon this guy after store hours, I thought some cross-dressing crackhead got himself locked in because we're already closed. Upon discovering that he was the "visual" supervisor, I naturally concluded he was either attending a costume party later or he simply got jumped by a group of drunken clowns who apparently whooped him with their make-up kits.

Let's make this long story short. On Christmas Eve around 11:25pm,
I was working on a table display in the lace area near the front entrance and made a minor error in judgment assuming each article of clothing was already properly sized from largest to smallest. The entire display before I arrived didn't appear very messy so I naturally concluded that the employee working on it earlier had already sized them. I also fanned the panties out because I saw other nearby displays were completed under similar standards.

Victor later paused at the table and demanded who was responsible. I approached him to answer and asked, "Is everything all right?"

He replies, "These panties aren't supposed to be fanned out. Were you properly trained at all?" As he was digging through them to further inspect the quality of my work, he raised his voice with an attitude and said, "These aren't even sized properly! You know what?! I DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW YOU CAN BE HERE EVERY SINGLE NIGHT FOR THE PAST MONTH AND NOT GET THIS RIGHT!"

I knew had I not distant myself from his tirade, I was going to retaliate and things would've got ugly. Trying to excuse myself, I said, "I'll come back to this later and take care of it. Don't worry about it."

He then barks back and says, "NO, I want you to stand right THERE and watch me do it. Make sure you get this right."

At that point, something erupted inside of me and I almost allowed my fist to connect with his face. The ONLY thing that held me back was the simple thought of all the friendly staff that granted me this generous opportunity to work over the Christmas Holidays. Their love, support, understanding and professionalism prevented me from going to jail that night. The respect I had for my employers was too much to jeopardize. I couldn't betray their trust over some cartoon character with an attitude.

Had it been Sveta, Michelle, Jessica or any other supervisor, things would never had been blown so out of proportion that nearly escalated into a fight.

If these angels felt that a particular table needs a little more attention, this is precisely how they would've approached me.
"Hey buddy, if you have time, could you please do me a quick favor and double check if this table is properly sized? Thanks." I would've been on that table immediately without hesitation. Problem solved.

Ultimately, there's just a classy way of conducting employees and it just makes me ill to think an incident of this nature could actually occur ON Christmas Eve of all time and places.

As I later shared this story with other employees later that evening, not to my surprise, they all told me to avoid him like the plague. Victor is actually very infamous among the staff and known for his notorious people skills.

So for any consumer who is brave and courageous enough to venture in Victoria's Secret at the Houston Galleria, make sure you avoid this guy at all cost. If you or friends have any questions or concerns about products, seek anyone else to assist you besides Victor.

I'm actually quite intimidated to return as a consumer myself. Hope my story helps. Please be careful!

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  • Fa
      Jan 27, 2010

    My favorite part was how you said "let's make this long story short" and then proceeded to type twice as much as before that.

    If the worst thing that's happen to you in your life is some guy yelling at you about fanning panties, consider yourself lucky. And your constant jabs about his sexuality make you look like an ###. I hope *you* are not working there anymore so that I can shop there. Wouldn't want to send you on a rampage to your "angels" if I ask you about a bra without gushing about how wonderful you are first.

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  • Th
      Jan 28, 2010

    Greetings Ms. Faint. I'm amazed that I acquired such a quick audience so rapidly. I hope you'll learn to forgive me if I struck a nerve. My favorite part about your response was painfully realizing that you actually reserved enough time to bore yourself reading this entirely and unbelievably proceeded to respond when none of this concerns you whatsoever. How much time exactly did you waste altogether by reading this and writing back? 20 minutes? Half an hour? Jeez, sorry about that. I never once imagined that I would inconveniently consume so much of someone's time. Was it truly worth it?

    Excuse me for correcting you but I never mentioned at any point the worst thing in my life was getting yelled at. I honestly can't even begin to fathom how you exactly formulated that brilliant theory but I strongly recommend you start processing your thoughts more carefully prior to speaking. Funny, I thought I was the ###. Remember?

    Tell you what Ma'am. I'll just go somewhere quietly and faint. I hope you don't mind.
    Wouldn't want to provoke you any further and resend you on another meaningless quest to address the irrelevance of your fun shopping experience on my behalf.

    Glad to know with all the economic crisis and the Haiti disaster forums online, you somehow cleverly narrowed down the search to me instead. And to actually receive a calculated response of such formidable IQ leaves me breathless. To what do I owe this honor?

    I'm certain your level of brilliance will go unsurpassed for ages to come. Please excuse me for asking so abruptly but are you STILL reading at this point? Seriously? If so, that's twice now you made the same mistake. Going for a third? Need any help?

    Why don't we engage in another intellectual exchange as mature adults to permanently resolve this issue? If you'll be so kind as to allow me to initiate.
    What's that? You like RED marbles?! How dare you?! Genius.

    Will glorious wonders like yourself ever cease to amaze me? It pains me to express that you actually amused me for quite some time. Friend, I appreciate your thoughts and thanks for the chuckle.

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  • An
      Jun 25, 2010

    Good read, but the comments about his appearance were just mean and unnecessary.

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