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We had a very unpleasant shopping experience at Las Vegas Victoria’s Secret store # 051113, which is located at Planet Hollywood Miracle Mile Shops.

On 08/10/2009 9:06 pm, We purchased a total number of 248 items at amount of USD $1172.89 in this store. When we loaded these items into the car, we noticed that there is one box is lighter than the rest of them. We opened it and found out there were 15 bottles short. So we rushed back to the store right away with the question box. At first the store manager said it’s impossible that items inside a sealed box could go missing. Then we point out that box had been re-taped and showed it to the store clerk, so the clerk asked her manager to check it out right away. But the store manager just assumed that this box could be opened form us, took something out and re-taped so she did not want to do anything about it.

That is just so-ridiculous! Totally UNACCEPTABLE!!

First at all, what does that mean for re-taping that box? Why did we bother to spend more then one thousand of dollars to purchased 248 items and make up a story (re-taping the box, for this instance) for those missing 15 items? How much those 15 items would cost? You do the calculation! Will we stupid enough to re-tape the box only for taking advantage of less than 80 dollars?

Second, when we came back to LA and checked the items which we purchased from that store, we realized that not only there were 15 items went missing, but 1 to 3 bottles short here there for other products as well. And there was 1 bottle which is not even on our purchase list. We just cannot help but wonder what a manager with this poor damage control could qualify for a brand store like Victoria’s Secret? Why we paid the EXACTLY amount of money, but we could not get the EXACTLY products which we purchased for?

Third, when we called Victoria’s Secret customer relations dept. to claim this situation, the customer representative could only tell us that the products had already been out at customer’s hand so there is nothing they can do. Well well, does that mean when an “Unfortunate” customer purchased vast amount of items, in store or by mail order, and he/she could only “hope” these boxes will have the correct amount of items in it? Should any boxes are supposedly with correct item counts? We had been purchased several thousands of dollars with more than thousands of pieces from Victoria’s Secret, should I count them one by one in the store front desk only because I cannot trust the store packaging system anymore? And why this issue only happened in this particular Las Vegas store not anywhere else?

I am absolutely disappointed about the whole thing and I do believe a shopping experience with an issue like this, Victoria’s Secret’s business relationship with the general public was seriously jeopardized.

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  • Zo
      Aug 19, 2009

    Who goes to Victoria's Secret to purchase -248- items all at once!! Actually if you are making that kind of purchase and they are simular items, like all panties or mostly beauty, you need special permission by a district manager and paper work to be filled out obout the purchase. If a few things were missing and you went directly back to the store the items would have still been on the counter. As for the the empty box, it should have been replaced at no cost to you.

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  • De
      Sep 01, 2009

    No, actually, as a previous manager for VS I know for a fact that some manager's will sell that many items without permisson first and then use an excuse to get around not going through correct channels because pressure to make your store's sales quota is sooooo high. I even had a district manager tell me that I "should have made a small purchase" with my own money in order to make my sales quote...when I was only about $120.00 away from my goal.

    Are you missing the point that mistakes can happen at the point at which the boxes were packed? The bottles will not be at the counter if the bottles were not pulled out of the box one at a time and scanned (not too many sales associates do so for multiple items...they just scan one bottle as many times as needed), nor will the bottles be at the counter if they were not in the box to begin with.

    Many people go to VS to purchase so many items at one time...sometimes to resell outside US...that is the reason for getting District Manager permission. However, that rule is not always followed. Read between the line.

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  • Jo
      Feb 23, 2010

    This story is ridiculous. Why would you purchase over $1000 worth of VS merchandise in Vegas? I bet you looked real sketchy walking back up into the store claiming you had '15' missing bottles? Im assuming secret garden fragrance. No store would help you because YES it does look like you re-opened it. Sorry, but thats your own fault for being so ignorant.

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